York Cycle Rally 2015

Velo Vision hits the road again today–I’m coming to the York Cycle Rally! We’ll have two rare and interesting cycles on the stand to show, roll up and talk bikes.

Come along for a day, come for the weekend–there is still space on the campsite, just turn up and pay for a pitch!

Lots of useful information on the Rally website:

York Rally 2015
-link to YR website

I very much hope to see many of you at the campsite and in the marque number one, near the grasstrack circuit.


SPEZI 2015

I think my head has stopped spinning from the ever-revolving SPEZI in Germersheim. Busy, doesn’t really come close to describing it. However, I believe Peter had some pleasure in taking a step back from the position requiring him to record and document the event–I’m certainly looking forward to getting the write up finished before my thoughts evaporate!  Meantime, here’s my signature panorama, taken on a slightly dull day one.

SPEZI 2015 panorama - 9.73 MB
SPEZI 2015 panorama – 9.73 MB

The whole trip could have been a bit easier if we’d had a few bikes to hand, probably with trailers, definitely something to consider for next year. It would also have been wonderful to share the experiences with some more VV readers… and while alone at 4am in Manchester airport the advantages of leisurely and comfortable coach journey became apparent.

Back from Bespoked 2015

I had a great weekend in Bristol at the Bespoked UK Handmade Bicycle Show. Great to meet so many enthusiastic builders, makers and innovators. A show report will be included in the next issue.

Thanks to all the Velo Vision supporters who tapped me on the shoulder for a quick chat and for your warm wishes.

Many people, exhibitors included, reported that it was a very personable, relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, perfect to meet the makers and discuss bikes – roll on Bespoked 2016!

Panorama on day 3
Bespoked 2015 in Brunel’s Old Station – click to enlarge.


Forum and registering

I have noticed that a good number of people have registered for the new forum and site, which is great. There is also a growing number of people for whom registration has not been completed. I did have an issue with registration, password reset and recovery which I fixed with the help of one member, so if you are one of the people still trying to register, please first try the Lost Password link and see if that now works for you.

Thanks, Howard

Here’s your new site

Welcome, one and all! Please have a browse around, search out any bugs, register for the new forum and get posting :)

I’m sorry that its taken a little later than I promised, but finally we’re running on the correct domain. I’ve learnt a lot along the way, and if I were to do it all again at least I now know how to do it quicker.


Why the new website?

Hopefully, you can see that the new website is an improvement in some ways over the previous Velo Vision site. Various factors were influencing me when I was considering how to work with and manage now old Velo Vision site.

  • The WordPress platform used here is much more flexible and responsive in terms of viewing on different devices and I think this is increasingly important as more and more people use mobile devices for their browsing.
  • The forum on the old site is no longer supported by Phorum, and we needed to find a solution to the persistent post truncation bug.
  • I also wanted to create a site that was more easily updated and on which I could link in the social media that some people find important.
  • The shop too is more flexible and I can more easily add digital content including things for free download which may be a nice feature for contributors who want lots of high resolution files or media that is too large to email.

I hope you will agree that look and feel of the new site is intuitive while being loosely based on the previous menu structure.

If you have any ideas or find any problems with the site, please post them in the Forum or contact me directly.

Many thanks to Velo Vision readers

I have to admit that working through the development of this website and grappling with the administration needed for Velo Vision has been tough. Which is why I am so grateful for the  number of messages of goodwill that have been coming in from the readership, contributors, cycle dealers, makers and distributors. The encouragement really has helped me through.

It is great to hear personally that the magazine has a strong following of enthusiasts and supporters.  Your help now is even more important than ever, so anyone who has an idea for an article that they would like to see in print please step forward!  Also, I will be drafting the survey in the next few weeks and will be reading your suggestions with great interest.  Exciting times ahead for Velo Vision :)

Thanks again,

A week to go…

Only a week until the new Velo Vision website is officially for public viewing.  Whether I manage to get it online, running from the velovision.com domain on time remains to be seen!

At times it has felt like I’m getting a little bogged down, but if you’re reading this and most of the site looks presentable then it may have been worth it.
Please do add your views on the site and its content below, or contact me directly. If you need some particular Velo Vision content reinstating, I will try to bring it back for you.


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