Buffer stop

Unfortunate news – magazine production stopped in December 2016 after Issue 52. At this stage, it appears unlikely to be published in either print or digital format, although efforts to restart production are being investigated.

Some new products for review have already been tested and write-ups will probably be published on this site.

Readers with print subscriptions will be receiving individual communications in due course, regarding refunds in cash or otherwise. There is no need to get in touch specifically to request an allocation – everyone should be contacted, but if in doubt, please do get in touch, quoting your postcode or subscriber number. Digital subscribers will for the time being have continued access via Exact Editions to all issues to date.

Do please get in touch if you have any good ideas – the future changes everything! Thank you so much to all subscribers and advertisers – past and present, and contributors for your support to the magazine. It’s been a privilege to serve the readership over the past few years and many have taken the time to offer encouragement and express appreciation for which I am truly grateful.



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