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The last few months

A message from our editor, Simon Webb:

The HPV community have been incredibly supportive and understanding in regards to what has been a very difficult situation. As I was finalising the print process I was dragged to the doctors with a numb sensation in my arms and legs.

Within a few hours I was in A&E and had been diagnosed with Guillain Barre Syndrome, a debilitating neurological condition. The recovery is forecast to be six months to two years.  Ironically enough the Senior Neurologist suggested I consider getting a trike…

Though it’s going well I still struggle to speak at times and am now able to type at a normal speed most of the time. This means that attending Spezi was not possible, however two readers have helpfully volunteered to help and will be working with me to provide a report. The rest of Issue 54 is coming together nicely.

Emails have temporarily been down as I have been unable to stay on top of admin but as you see from this post going up I am now catching up!

So finally I wanted to say thank you again for your support and patience. It’s been a long journey getting the magazine together and I am really proud of what has been released. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and there will be more to come!

Thank you again,


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Frog partners with USA Cycling

Through to 2020 Frog Bikes have signed a partnership with USA Cycling.

Founded only five years ago, Frog offer bikes for all ages of children in developing the essential skills in using bikes. They offer a wide range including MTB and hybrid style bikes.

The transition from childhood cycling to continuing into adulthood has long been a problem area in America, seeing high numbers enjoy riding as children but dropping the activity into adulthood. Hopefully this partnership will help more retain that interest in the long term.

Speaking on the partnership Fuad Hamza of USA Cycling said that “We believe that this new relationship with Frog Bikes will encourage more families to get involved in cycling and grow the sport.”

A full launch of the partnership will be held at the Sea Otter Classic in April.

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Mike Burrows: Two Features!

Legendary designer Mike Burrows spoke with VeloVision about his life in cycling and his exciting new contender for the hour and 200m records: The Soup Dragon.

The two features will give you an insight to Burrows’ unique experience and a chance to listen to an engineering genius. Both videos are available exclusively on our YouTube channel, clocking in at about an hour in total.

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Iceni Cycles shortlisted for BikeBiz Award

VeloVision received word today that Iceni Cycles have been shortlisted for the “Innovation from a Newcomer” category in the 2018 BikeBiz Awards.

The innovation is their Iceni Cycles Cargo Trike, this makes use of a monocoque chassis, lowering the centre of gravity to make for an easier journey. It carries a 1.5m squared capacity with a payload of 250kg. Iceni advise that the bike can deliver an average of 12 parcel drops per hour, four more than an average van. The trike is already in use by a number of delivery agencies across the UK.

The winner will be announced on 23 February.

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Exclusive interview with Cyclists’ Alliance Founder

On 19 December 2017 the Cyclists’ Alliance was formed, a professional union for women in competitive cycling. VeloVision was very excited to hold what we believe is the first on camera interview with founder Iris Slappendel about the union.

Below we have full length and highlight interviews.

Full length:


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Issue 53 Update

Issue 53 is going through proof checking and we are confirming advertisers at present, with the aim of sending to print before the new year.  It’s been great to hear from so many of you and we are getting subscriptions through pretty much every day so please keep subscribing! We will over cater a bit in the print run but to be safe please subscribe via our online store!

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Tern GSD Cargo Bike: First Look

We were pleased to attend the London launch of the Tern range for 2018. This included the exciting Tern GSD Cargo Bike. Below is a video interview with founding partner Mark Bickerton about the bike.

The full range was on display and there were some really exciting additions to the collection. We will be running more in the news section of Issue 53 and we will be reviewing the GSD in the new year.


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Swytch on

Please excuse the cheesey headline, but we have high hopes for Swytch. This is a brand that say they can help you retrofit any bike to be an e-bike. Correct – any bike. This includes recumbents or trikes. We’ve been assured that as long as it has handlebars it should be possible to adapt!

To prove the point Swytch will be producing some pre-built bikes. We’ve picked out three highlights including a penny farthing (known as the Penny Faster), the Bambom – a bamboo & carbon frame which Swytch believe is one of the lowest carbon footprint e-bikes available and finally the “Wheelie-chair” – an electric assist wheel chair. If these example are anything to go by it’s hard to argue with the assertion that any bike can be retrofitted.

The battery unit weights only 2.2kg and is waterproof. The motor is a front wheel hub and weighs in at 1.5kg. So for just shy of 4kg you can add a full e-assist to your bike. Using the LED display you can toggle between the five levels of support. The range available is between 25-50 miles depending on which package you opt for.

To get the latest information ahead of the CrowdFunding campaign, or more information please visit Swytch.

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