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  Sticky: Electric Bike forum - read this first! 4250  peter  13/05/2010 11:24AM 
Last Post by peter
  Last call for e-bike users! 341  hmatos  21/02/2014 04:36PM 
Last Post by hmatos
  Please answer this E-bike usage survey 288  hmatos  17/02/2014 11:25AM 
Last Post by Geoff
  24V replacement battery for Currie system. 490  Bernard Gilbert  03/10/2013 08:34AM 
Last Post by peter
  sunstar SO3 650  michael  06/09/2013 02:27PM 
Last Post by peter
  Problems with Powabyke 759  Lisaguitarist  06/09/2013 10:26AM 
Last Post by peter
  E-bike user survey 759  macarthur  09/04/2013 06:07PM 
Last Post by macarthur
  a guide to urban mobility 1393  ryan  20/09/2012 10:06AM 
Last Post by ryan
  good ebike online-shops? 1089  ryan  18/09/2012 01:57PM 
Last Post by ryan
  TGA trike motor 1409  chrisarvor  26/06/2012 04:42PM 
Last Post by chrisarvor
  Importing electric bicycle conversion kits 1309  California_ebike  16/05/2012 05:50PM 
Last Post by peter
  Electric Bikes & Household Insurance 2264  imppact  14/05/2012 11:03AM 
Last Post by Saxamaphone
  International Electric Bike Definitions 1500  AbrasiveScotsman  14/05/2012 10:57AM 
Last Post by Saxamaphone
  Ongoing e-velo experiment… 2278  10  skyrocket  07/05/2012 11:59PM 
Last Post by skyrocket
  Wanted, Battery case and/or rack for Lafree twist lite 1224  stevew  09/04/2012 10:31PM 
Last Post by stevew
  Battery advice 1768  ray  14/01/2012 07:14PM 
Last Post by ray
  Tour de Presteigne pics 2617  peter  14/12/2011 11:31AM 
Last Post by Fatbottomed
  Tintin's Adventure 1451  Seamus  10/11/2011 09:30AM 
Last Post by Geoff
  Survey help! 1185  OBU2011  08/11/2011 07:49PM 
Last Post by Geoff
  Quality of Symex electric folders 2424  Jonathan.F  11/10/2011 08:54AM 
Last Post by Wornout
  Myrtle the turtle etrike tour 2987  sylviahalpern  09/09/2010 05:10PM 
Last Post by sylviahalpern
  Electric recumbents.. 2591  ThatManAgain  09/09/2010 01:52AM 
Last Post by sylviahalpern
  Re: Batavus Electric . 2818  longbow  26/08/2010 10:13PM 
Last Post by longbow
  E-bike kit from China via Ebay 4964  jasper  17/06/2010 05:57PM 
Last Post by Simon Hartley
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