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touring bikes
Posted by: Seamus (IP Logged)
Date: March 05, 2012 08:15PM

While touring in The Netherlands on my Trice I stopped at the campsite in Oud Tongue, on one of the island on the west side.
I saw this touring bike. It reminded me of what my old Dawes Super Galaxy was badly.
It proper touring bike, The Dawes broke it rear carrier lots. It first trip aboad had 16 bits of sting holding it on.
The rear wheel had seven spoke broke. It was a good trip through The Neterlands, Germany, Belgium, Luxberburg and about
4 hours in France. That was in 1983.
In Germany on the road to Scheilden the bike hit a kerb, I got over the bike landing in a nettle corvered patch by the road,
not stung and with leg left leg cut from the Knee to the foot. The leg bone is like the fuorecent lamp it's so white.
The bike was OK. At the campsite my leg was traeted witha funny spray from ICI. Fake skin. the leg was Ok but I coulnt feel anything touching on the left
side of the leg for about 10 years. If were at home I go the the hospistal but on holiday...

The Rixe was from Germany. Alumium frame and custom built wheels, Deore and the rear and a dyamohub at the Front.
Swalbe Marathon Plus tryes.
Magura brakes, awful rear carrier with a lED light, spoke recflefers and pedals that they have a Germany.
Awful frame but damn good equipment.

I liked this bike better than the Trice I had with its expolining tires. 4 new inner tubes it had cost me in the course of 2 week. I had to get some more.

I like this bike so much that I bought the Surly touring bike.
Good steel frame made it Taiwan where all the best frame are made. Even the Dawes.
Custom biult 26" wheel from Spa Cycles. Swalbe tires. Marathon Plus are the rear and a Marathon Supreme at the front.
Running gear from Shimamo.
Carriers from Tubus.
Better than the rider.

Re: touring bikes
Posted by: Seamus (IP Logged)
Date: March 05, 2012 08:22PM

picture, grrr.

Re: touring bikes
Posted by: Seamus (IP Logged)
Date: March 28, 2012 03:37PM

I think it like this one....


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