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mountain drive help needed
Posted by: ericj (IP Logged)
Date: October 02, 2011 03:36PM

I have an old Schlumpf mountain drive on a second hand bike which I would like to remove and refurbish before reusing. It has a torque arm on the right/drive side and a lockring with 4 indents for some kind of spanner on the left side.

As I've so far failed to get anything to move I have a couple of questions....

Is the lockring a normal thread or a left hand thread ?

What kind of spanner/tool do I need (and where can I obtain one) ?

If I manage to get it off can it be converted to use conical cups and not the torque arm ?

many thanks,


Re: mountain drive help needed
Posted by: RobH (IP Logged)
Date: October 02, 2011 05:31PM

Hi Eric,

If you look on the Schlumpf website there is an excellent pdf giving step-by-step instructions on dismantling/servicing/fitting MDs. I don't remember off hand the direction of the thread - these things are generally fit-and-forget pieces of kit. Give me a shout if it isn't there any more. Just be careful not to damage the central shifting shaft when you are working on it.

We have a socket to fit the castellated ring available for loan for a £10 deposit plus p&p costs (it needs a 1/2in socket driver which some folk have around but is heavy and a pig to post).
We also stock the more standard toolkit/buttons should you need it.

Don't know about conversion from torque arm MD to conical version - I'd drop Florian an email - he speaks perfect English and is always very helpful.

Westcountry Recumbents

Re: mountain drive help needed
Posted by: ericj (IP Logged)
Date: October 02, 2011 07:35PM


Thanks for that, I've had another look on their website and now found the very useful PDF you mention. I did manage to remove the one surviving button and the cranks safely without damaging the shifter rod but now have to get the drive out of the bottom bracket shell. I may be in touch about the tool !

In case it helps any others - from the pdf manual.
'Please note: mountain-drive uses left-handed threading, the
speed- and high-speed-drive uses right-handed threading.'


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