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Brompton rides
Posted by: John Turvey (IP Logged)
Date: November 13, 2011 09:55PM

For the last two Sundays, I have being using my (upright) Brompton instead of one of my recumbents - there are three reasaons for this:
1 - to ride in a different area
2 - to ride where the weather was better
3 - to get a minute or more extra daylight at the end of the day

I have being using the train from Newcastle to Carlisle (or Brampton Junction which is about 9 miles east of Carlisle) and have being getting nice sunny auturm days (instead of the clouds/rain on the east side) and have had some great cycling - I know all the roads I can do in a day ride from my home by now (after many years cycling) and it is nice to go somewhere which is new to me. I have being doing loops starting north from Brampton Junction, then heading west before going south to catch a train back - I have cycled in this ara a few times, but a lot of it is new to me.

My Brompton is good for this sort of ride - 4 trains (two each way) means a compact folding bike is advisable, and it rides nicly for the 40 to 50 mile loops I have being doing on quiet minor roads.

AND, Seamus, being a modern (2009) Brompton, it has proper brakes - today on a steep descent, I came round a bend to find a gate about 25 metres in front of me and was able to stop without any fuss.

John Turvey

Re: Brompton rides
Posted by: Seamus (IP Logged)
Date: November 14, 2011 04:21PM

I'm glad that somebodys using his folding bike propley. No just going to work on it but touring.

I do it myself but the trains cost too much money for me.

Proper touring waht I like with stopping at campsites and YH's. What I did in the Netherlands on my APB, catching the train or a ferry what the wind was in my face or my wanted to go futher.

"(2009) Brompton, it has proper brakes" you can read in Peter's book about those brakes.
"Practical Bike Buyer's Guide"

My £300 Dahon has proper brakes. Shimano V-brakes. I think they're Acera. Lovely feeling and working Shimano brake levers too.
I think its too high gearing for me. 34" - 92".

Re: Brompton rides
Posted by: arellcat (IP Logged)
Date: November 14, 2011 08:44PM

John, have you thought about joining Bromptonites? I'm one of the organizers for the group.


Re: Brompton rides
Posted by: Seamus (IP Logged)
Date: November 15, 2011 06:09PM

Hey John.

I loan my shiny new Dahon if you'll lend the 2009 Brompton.

then I'll see if it's any good.

Re: Brompton rides
Posted by: John Turvey (IP Logged)
Date: November 15, 2011 09:22PM

My copy of "Practical Bike Buyer's Guide" was brought at York Rally (thats what I still think of it as) in 2009, so the book must have been writen before mu 2009 Brompton was made, so Peter's discription of Brompton brakes as 'OK verging on mediocre' may well be based on an earlier version of the Brompton brakes - as I have said previously, my 2009 Brompton has much improved brakes compared to earlier Brompton brakes.

Now, I am not claiming that the brakes on my 2009 Brompton are as good as some cycle brakes - I normally ride recumbent trikes with two front disc brakes, and when I am riding with people on upright bikes, I have to be careful to brake extra gently otherwise they can run into the back of me (as a torn corner on one of my Ortlieb panniers demonstrates) - but 2009 Brompton brakes are propeer brakes and do work effectively (unlike the brakes that camre on earlier Bromptons which did merit the 'OK verging on mediocre' description (and on really early Bromptons, I would remove the 'OK verging on' part of that description!)).

And not all V-brakes are proper brakes - one of my recumbents had a pair of 'no-name' V-brakes - if VERY carefully adjusted, they would stop the bike for a few times before needing another session of adjustment - after I sailed straight out onto a main road with no reduction in speed after applying both brakes (fortunately nothing was coming) I replaced them with some proper V-brakes and now they still stop me, though I have not agjusted them for a long time now.

John Turvey

Re: Brompton rides
Posted by: Seamus (IP Logged)
Date: November 16, 2011 04:39PM

I had some awfaul V-brakes on my APB. thats why I swapped the front one for a Magura that did work.

I consider effective brake on a bike (??? forgat what I was about to say. Dont have a stroke).

bad brakes on a Brompton, Read, "Brompton bicycle," by David Henshaw, page 125.

reading books whilst wiathing for a magazine!!!

had look at the Ordnance survey map, "Northern England. " had look where John livesand he couldnt go east otherwise he'd drown.

He have to catch train to go anywhere.

Having the Brompton he could catch the metro to bring to the railway station
and catch a train west and cycle north or south in hills,

Re: Brompton rides
Posted by: Blair (IP Logged)
Date: November 16, 2011 05:52PM

I fitted the Greenspeed front wheel hub brake conversion to my Brommie. Now I can stop when I choose to. Very important when you weigh over 16 stone.

Ben, up at Kinetics can do a V-Brake mounting braze-on to the Brompton, as well as other enhancements.

I'm hoping to meet up with this group this coming Saturday. [www.meetup.com] For Bromptons only! Nae Birdys' or Dahons' allowed!

Re: Brompton rides
Posted by: RobH (IP Logged)
Date: November 16, 2011 07:56PM

Good to hear you're happy with the Greenspeed hub brake conversion Blair - I don't ride a Brompton any more so haven't had the chance to test one.

Re: Brompton rides
Posted by: John Turvey (IP Logged)
Date: November 17, 2011 08:20PM

"Brompton bicycle" by David Henshaw, page 125 (published 2009) ' ... Mark 1 and 2 brakes are positively dangerous. .... upgrade to the latest caliper and brake blocks, which will have a near miraculous effect' - that is (more or less) what I have being saying - the early Brompton brakes were not good, but modern Bromptonas have proper effective brakes (it would not be a miricale if the upgrade did not result in proper effective brakes).

John Turvey

Re: Brompton rides
Posted by: Blair (IP Logged)
Date: November 17, 2011 08:28PM

Maybe I'll upgrade to the more recent brakes. It would shave a little off the overall weight.
Anyone know the difference in weight between the standard six speed transmission and Kinetics 8 speed hub transmission?

Re: Brompton rides
Posted by: arellcat (IP Logged)
Date: November 17, 2011 10:36PM

The modern Brompton dual pivot calipers are much, much better than the single pivots on vintage Bromptons. I've ridden Bs of that era and they are really not very safe.

Current Bs have Fibrax brake pads which are grippy and effective, but also chew your rims to bits. I suspect the compound is the same as Shimano's and Dahon's pads, which I have avoided since 1995. My bike's rear rim was destroyed in 800 miles of all weather riding, snow excepted. Its replacement has done the same and shows negligible wear thanks to Kool Stop pads. Clark, Ashima and Avid pads all share that preferable, harder compound.

Blair, the 8-spd hub is a lump, but it's centred in the wheel so the main difference will be when you fold and carry the bike.

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 17/11/2011 10:37PM by arellcat.

Re: Brompton rides
Posted by: Seamus (IP Logged)
Date: November 19, 2011 03:32PM

Now that Velovision has come, well it is says Velvosion on the enveplole
but is an sticker on either end saying, "Open other end," so i dont kanow yet.

I was reading Velovision September 2005, the one with the Brompton stuff it it.
Laugh at the piccie of Tom Riley with some odd in his trousers on p 17,
"new brake levers which pull on dual-pivot callipers."

new brake awful gears, befoer the had 11-90 new back hub fitted.

p 18 "dyul-pivot brakes can stop you fairly fast, and seemed to work
effectively wet or dry."


" i never felt that were reserves of stopping if i needed them."

It goes one it which doent like the berakes but i cants sopy it.
Bad brain. dont have a stroke or two.

Re: Brompton rides
Posted by: PaulM (IP Logged)
Date: November 20, 2011 08:22AM

I have the 8 speed Kinetics built wheel. The range and the ratios are good to have from a single shifter, but some of the gears are quite noisy and the power losses are greater than the 3 speed hub. I did 40 miles on it a couple of weekends and found it comfortable, but I have replaced the Brompton saddle which was too wide for me with a Charge Spoon.

Edited 2 time(s). Last edit at 20/11/2011 08:24AM by PaulM.

Re: Brompton rides
Posted by: Seamus (IP Logged)
Date: November 20, 2011 03:45PM

the Brompton is a go-to-work-bike nor a touring bike or a go as fast as you like bike.

Thats why it has rubbish gears and brakes cos nodobys going carry much stuff on it.

It's just for going to work.

they are silly people for do silly stuff like touring or going the hills amd if it doesnt work, more fools them cos thats not whats it's for.

If it was for touring, it would 406 wheels, better gearing, better brakes, colaspe less good. be a lot like the Dahon, Bike Friday,Pacy, and others not like Birdy the is a go-to-work-bike and just think its a touring bike. rubbish wheel size.

Re: Brompton rides
Posted by: arellcat (IP Logged)
Date: November 21, 2011 12:16AM

The Brompton was conceived in London, remember Seamus, and London doesn't have terribly much in the way of hills. That's why the 2-spd version that is so handy for London is so unsuited to Edinburgh. But then again, once upon a time we all went touring on our 3spd Sturmey hubs.

The B is still the bike to beat in terms of folded size, and for many people that's the reason for buying it. And so it shouldn't be a surprise that people are also busy wringing as much versatility and performance as possible out of it so that it suits their purpose better than the standard design.

If people want to tour on a Brompton, why shouldn't they?

Re: Brompton rides
Posted by: Blair (IP Logged)
Date: November 21, 2011 07:13AM

I agree with arellcat on that one Seamus. It a very versatile bike and is equally suited to touring as much as any other bike. Touring on a bike to me is a leisurely pursuit involving much stopping and looking. The Brompton would be aa even better touring bike for me if I could telescope the handlebars up.

Re: Brompton rides
Posted by: Seamus (IP Logged)
Date: November 23, 2011 04:35PM

I someone would tours on a folding bike i like this...


the one's I like are,

Of Snakes and Bears,

Highs and Lolos,

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