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Test run
Posted by: enak (IP Logged)
Date: October 09, 2010 07:20PM

Had a good ride today. New seat mount (pictures to follow) worked well and no major problems.. well not for the first half of the ride anyway.

I set off from our half way point and pulled the front brakes hard and experienced a failure as the pipe blew off the fitting! Obviously didn't assemble that too well. Fortunately I wasn't going too fast and was able to stop by putting my feet down.

As we carried on it became apparent that my front left was starting to lose pressure then on a bump the tyre came off the rim. A short time later with the inner tube patched I found the bead of the tyre was knackered and waited while my friend cycled home and got the car.

As my rear brake appears to have not bite, how do I get a new shoe???

Re: Test run
Posted by: peter (IP Logged)
Date: October 09, 2010 07:54PM

"how do I get a new shoe???"

Good question.

Many many years ago Alexei faxed me a drawing of a press tool which a motorbike brake shop could use to press on new pads. ISTR it was basically one backing piece the same diameter as the inside of the carrier, and another one shaped to match the outside of the pad diameter. But sadly I can't now find that fax or any evidence that I scanned it.

Motorbike drum brakes are not a million miles different, so might be worth a try asking nicely at a motorbike repair place - they'll have pad materials to hand and know how to bond them on reliably, I would hope. Getting the old pads off might be tricky...

Or, use existing worn pads and make up a longer 'push rod' for the slave piston?

That's all assuming the pads are worn down significantly - that would be unusual IMO - maybe try swapping the rear brake carrier with a front brake one known to be working, to confirm this.

If it's not pad wear then my first thought would be some air in the hydraulic system.

Re: Test run
Posted by: enak (IP Logged)
Date: October 09, 2010 10:08PM

I'll have a word next week then. The issue is, oil has gotten onto the friction material... plenty of material left!

Re: Test run
Posted by: enak (IP Logged)
Date: October 11, 2010 01:03PM

After some hunting around I've found a company in Stevenage that should be able to re-line the shoes for me. Hopefully won't take to long smiling smiley

Re: Test run
Posted by: peter (IP Logged)
Date: October 11, 2010 01:33PM

Yup, that looks good. Hope they get it sorted :-)

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