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The magazine

What is Velo Vision?


Velo Vision is a cycling magazine celebrating cycle culture worldwide. It is a magazine for those passionate about cycling, and whose interest is in the practical applications of cycling, bikes as a transport solution, and cycling as a bridge between like-minded people across the world.

It contains authoritative technical material, intriguing stories of cycling people and communities from across the world, cycling art, history and literature, and of course the latest from the world of specialised cycle design: workbikes, recumbents, folders, family cycling and more.

Velo Vision takes limited advertising: display adverts only and concentrated in a section at the back of the mag. In this way we preserve the 'ads-free' feel of most of the magazine, while providing a platform for specialist suppliers, whose adverts are, I hope, a positive benefit to readers.

In short:

  • Great pics
  • Passionate writing
  • Design to savour
  • Technical authority
  • Global outlook
  • A great website, too


Velo Vision is 230mm (wide) x 280mm (high).

A nice paper size, allowing more space for pictures than A4 and a format well-suited to cycle photography, which is often naturally 'landscape'.

The magazine is now in full colour, but some earlier issues were not - we've also added some pages along the way:

  • Issues 17 to present: 68 pages, full colour
  • Issues 8 to 16: 68 pages, mostly colour
  • Issues 1 to 7: 52 pages, mostly colour


Velo Vision normally appears quarterly; currently however it's appearing around three times a year while we establish its sister publication, Electric Bike. We plan to return to quarterly publication ASAP. A long-term aim is to take the magazine to a bi-monthly schedule. You can find news of upcoming issues on the website front page.

When was the first issue published?

The first issue was mailed on 6th March 2001.

I'm a potential advertiser - how do I get more details?

Please contact Velo Vision using our webform on the new site. Or, download advertising info as a PDF file here.

Will there be a German-language edition?

No, not for the forseeable future. But I'm not ruling it out, long-term.

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Velo Vision availability

How can I get hold of Velo Vision?

In most cases, you need to get Velo Vision direct from the publisher in the UK. However, we do have distributors and dealers in many countries - see the full list here. Otherwise, please use one of the following ways to order:
  • Use the Velo Vision online shop to pay by credit or debit card online: we've signed up with Worldpay ( and Paypal ( so that credit card transactions online are as secure as possible. Their secure servers handle all the card details and processing: Velo Vision simply gets a record of the order. The process is explained in detail below.

  • By credit or debit card 'direct': you can let us know your credit card details direct by phone or fax.
    The details we need are the card type, your name as printed on the card, the registered card address, the card number and expiry date and VITALLY IMPORTANT, the Card Security Code - the last three digits of the number printed across the signature strip on the back of the card. For Switch cards, please also include issue number and start date.
    If you're faxing, please include a note of what you're ordering and your own name and address. It's very helpful if you include a phone number or email address so that I can contact you with any order queries - it won't be used for anything else.
    Although the security risks of sending card details by email are perhaps overrated, we can't really recommend it.
    Instead, we suggest you use the secure online ordering facility (as above).

  • Bank transfer: This is definitely possible, and I offer it as an option for renewing subscribers (who can also set up a standing order if they wish using the same bank details). Unless by prior arrangement this is ONLY for simple renewals (i.e. no back issues etc as well) as the only info I receive on the bank statements is the amount and the brief reference you entered when setting up the transfer. This reference MUST include your six-digit subscriber number so that I can identify you unambiguously: this is given on the mailing label when I send you magazines, or contact me if you don't have it to hand. I won't give the bank details here but please contact me for them if required.

  • By cheque: please make cheques out to Velo Vision and send to the address below, with a note of what you've ordered, your name and address. All cheques should be in Pounds Sterling. I'd be grateful if only customers with a UK bank account use this method, at least for now.
    Eurocheques: these have been phased out in the UK. Please DO NOT send Eurocheques.

  • Postal order: If mmade out in Pounds Sterling to Velo Vision, these are fine. This is a very international system and should be a good method to use from almost anywhere, but the orders must be in Pounds Sterling please.

What does Velo Vision cost?

Prices for Velo Vision single issues and subscriptions are detailed in the online shop. Prices include postage (airmail if overseas) unless stated otherwise.
Please specify when ordering whether you'd like to start with the current issue (it'll be sent out immediately) or with the next issue to be published (it'll be sent as soon as it's out). Unless you specify, I'll assume you want the current issue sending straight away. Back issues are available too of course.

Is Velo Vision available through the newsstands or bookstores?

Not yet - we're working on it.

Is Velo Vision available through bike shops (dealers)?

Some bike stores only. It's available at a trade rate to dealers, but it isn't yet as widely available in bike stores as I'd like. See below for a dealer list (UK and worldwide)

Do you have a dealer or distributor in my country?

The following people can supply Velo Vision - if you're in one of the countries mentioned, I'd encourage you to use them, as they may be a bit cheaper than coming direct to me. They will usually get and distribute issues about a week after I do.

  • United Kingdom
  • Europe
  • North America (USA, Canada etc)
  • Latin America (Carribean, Central and Southern America)
    • None yet - enquiries welcome!
  • Oceania (Australia, New Zealand, Polynesia etc)
  • Asia

    If you're a dealer or distributor and would like to stock the magazine please email.

    How does the online ordering process work?

    The online shop uses shopping cart technology from Mal's E-Commerce, with secure payment services provided by Worldpay and PayPal.

    You can order items at the online shop or via occasional other links on the Velo Vision site. The item will be added to the cart, and this will display for you. You can go back and add more items ('Continue shopping') or 'Go to Payments'.

    In the 'Payments' pages you will be asked to enter your details - please be sure to enter a valid email address so that you can receive email receipts. At this stage you can enter a different shipping address - for gift subscriptions, for example.

    Then, you can choose a payment service. Worldpay accept most credit cards. PayPal can either accept PayPal transfers (if you already have a Paypal account) or credit card payments with or without a PayPal account.

    Actual card details are requested on Worldpay or Paypal secure servers. Velo Vision doesn't see these details, just a note that the transaction has occurred.

    Once your payment has been made you should be transferred back to the Velo Vision website.

    You will then receive two automatic emails: one from our online shop (from detailing your order. The second will come from either PayPal or Worldpay and will provide confirmation of the transaction.

    The order is then complete, and will be sent out ASAP - usually next day, sometimes 2 or 3 days later, certainly with 28 days.

    • We accept payments from pretty much any country worldwide.
    • All transactions will be conducted in Pounds Sterling, so if that's not your native currency, an amount will be deducted from your card which corresponds to the sterling amount at the prevailing rate of exchange.
    • Orders for already-published issues will be sent out immediately. Advance orders will be sent as soon as the relevant issue is published.
    • All orders will be sent airmail.
    If you think you've made a mistake somewhere in the process, we can sort it out easily enough. After several thousand orders so far just a few people have subscribed twice by accident - and I've refunded the duplicate transaction within minutes of being told. If you have any problems, or just have questions, please contact us.

    I'm a bike shop (dealer). Can I get Velo Vision at trade rates?

    Yes, you can. Please contact Peter Eland to find out how.

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    The website

    I've got an idea for a story. What should I do?

    Please send it to me, Peter Eland. Email is best! All leads appreciated - thanks. This particularly goes for manufacturers or other people in the bike industry - free publicity awaits for the price of a newsworthy story and, preferably, a useable picture! See also our notes for contributors.

    I'd like to advertise on your site. How?

    Please get in touch. See also our advertising information page.

    Do I still need to buy the magazine if I read the website?

    Well, I would say this... but of course! The website will have daily updates of news - the magazine will have in-depth articles, fine photography and a lot of material that's never been on the website. They are two very different but, I hope, complementary sources of information and reading pleasure.

    What is still to come on the website?

    Many things:
    • Reviews index
    • Reader bikes gallery
    • And more - feel free to suggest

    My browser isn't loading the graphics. Why not?

    The Velo Vision uses .png (Portable Network Graphics)image files rather than .gif (Graphics Interchange Format) for simple graphics like the logos. Some older browsers aren't able to properly display the .png format.

    The reason for the change is that the .gif format is patented, and the patent owners have begun enforcing their patent rights. In light of this, I'm told use of the .gif format is officially 'deprecated' by the internet standards people, and the use of .png (a 'free format') is encouraged instead.

    We've tested the site on recent versions of Netscape, Mozilla, Internet Explorer and Opera browsers on Windows, Mac and Linux. There are free versions of all of these browsers for most any machine which will allow you to see the .png graphics in all their glory.

    The site is very slow. Is this normal?

    No - it shouldn't be. The file sizes are tiny and graphics are minimal, so it should be a fast site. I'm also checking the site throughout the working day, so I'm generally aware of outages/slowdowns, which tend to be problems with our hosts and are usually fixed swiftly.

    My browser won't load articles - why?

    The articles are stored in a database and are accessed by a set of programs which generate the page automatically. Some older browsers, particularly older versions of Internet Explorer, have difficulty coping with this - in other words, your problem is browser related, not website related. The database is tested new versions of popular browsers as they come out. As at Jan 2005 this includes:
    • Internet Explorer
    • Latest version of Firefox on Windows or Linux
    • Opera
    • Safari and Firefox under OS X

    There have been no reported problems from Mac users. If you're running a pre-IE5.0 browser on your Windows machine, you should seriously consider upgrading to at least IE5.x or, even better, Firefox or Opera.

    Some users report problems when using Norton Firewall. The problem appears to be the Norton Firewall privacy control. If you disable the "Enable Browser Privacy" button, the site works fine. We're investigating the cause of this glitch.

    Some users of 'Junkbuster' software have also reported that it doesn't let you read the stories. Switching it off fixes it...

    There don't appear to be any articles on the site at all - why?

    This is more than likely a problem with the mySQL server where the site is hosted, and rather beyond our control. Such outages tend not to last very long, and reloading the page (using SHIFT+reload) may do the trick. If it doesn't, wait 10 or 15 minutes before accessing the site again.

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    The company

    How do I contact Velo Vision?

    Contact details below. Please do leave a message if we're out when you call. We'll get back to you.

    Velo Vision Ltd
    York Eco Business Centre
    Amy Johnson Way
    Clifton Moor
    YO30 4AG

    Tel/Fax: 01904 692800 (from UK)
    or +44 1904 692800 (from outside UK)


    Who is behind Velo Vision?

    Editor, Publisher: Peter Eland

    Pete in snow

    Velo Vision is edited by me, Peter Eland. Velo Vision is published by Velo Vision Ltd, a limited company of which I and Brian Holt are the directors.

    I'm an engineer by training, with a first-class mechanical engineering degree from Imperial College, London. If anyone wants all the letters, I'm Peter Eland, MEng, ACGI, AMIMechE. I spent a year of my degree studying at the RWTH Aachen, and speak fluent German. I've also worked in the engineering industry for a while, but it's years ago now. I like to think an understanding of basic engineering principles is useful in cutting the pseudoscience and marketing-speak about bikes.

    Some of you may be familiar with my work on Bike Culture Quarterly, a splendid magazine published by Open Road, which went into liquidation in late 2000 after hitting financial difficulties. I was editor (but not publisher) of this magazine for several years, and managing editor before that. I also worked on Open Road's other publications, including Encycleopedia, Bycycle and Mike Burrows' Bicycle Design.

    You can visit my personal web pages at to see some of the things I've built, including a tandem recumbent trike and big load trailer. You can also find the widely-used spreadsheets I developed for recumbent trike steering design, along with a popular guide to cheap and free CAD software.

    I do most of my cycling around York and do occasional weekend leisure rides (well, I did before I started Velo Vision!) and even more occasional tours.

    Designer: Brian Holt

    Readers of many fine bicycle publications over the years will be familiar with Brian's work. Superb typography, clear, elegant and unpretentious layouts and a fine eye for a good picture make Brian an invaluable colleague. Good humour helps, too. Brian's also a cyclist. He's now based in France, and we work closely via email.

    Web programming: Simon Ward

    Simon's probably cycled rather more miles than the rest of us put together: he's an Audax rider and organiser. He's also a rather fine web programmer, and stalwart of the York Linux User Group.

    Assistant Editor: Sue Archer

    Sue recently joined the team as part-time editorial assistant, which covers everything from web story updates to helping man the stand at cycle events. A long-time everyday cyclist and with experience in cycle promotion, Sue is also a prolific presence on cycling forums, appearing as Arch on the Velo Vision forum and Cyclechat.

    Many more

    Distributors, contributors, advertisers, just readers who have offered support - thank you all. Also, many thanks for all the support and offers of help from friends around York - I'm benefiting from the expertise (and modelling loveliness) of a lot of talented people.

    Where is Velo Vision based?

    Velo Vision is now based the York Eco Business Centre.

    How is Velo Vision funded?

    Velo Vision is privately funded by the publisher, with no grant aid or anything else. It is modestly profitable on the basis of reader subscriptions and limited advertising income alone. Gifts of large sums of money are, of course, always welcome :-) and can be made via the 'donate' facility in the online shop!

    Privacy policy

    Velo Vision will keep all subscriber data secure, and will not pass it on to any third party. Only relevant information will be kept. We are registered with the Data Protection Registrar.

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