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Here you'll find links to interesting sites and organisations: please do email with suggestions, or to report dead links. In roughly alphabectical order within each section. For a list of manufacturers and dealers who make and sell the cycles and accessories we feature in Velo Vision, see our dealer list.

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  • Online news

    • Bentrideronline: Online recumbent mag - mostly US-oriented but that may change now one of their editors has moved to Germany.
    • Byke Kultuur Never: Seamus King's spoof cycling mag which outlasted many of its victims.
    • Folding Society: Lots of resources for folding bike owners.
    • Ligfiets: The main news site for the Dutch HPV scene - regular news, and some articles get translated into English.
    • Raging Bike: The place to go to rant about nasty things that happen to you on the road - also UK-oriented campaign and environment-type news.
    • Singletrackworld: The best of the MTB magazine sites.
    • Velorution: hard-edged blog from creater Andrea Casalotti. Well worth a look.

  • Web resources

    • BikeBiz: The UK cycle trade website. Public 'Infozone' has many useful resources, including a 'situations vacant' page - rest of the site is trade-only.
    • Cycling and Your Child: Useful website with information for parents. Excellently produced leaflet suitable as a hand-out for schools etc is available as a free PDF download. Also plenty of good advice for family cycling, aimed at the newcomer to the field.
    • Harriscyclery: The late Sheldon Brown's famous internet site: if you have a technical question, chances are the answer's here somewhere. The humour page is particularly fine.
    • Icebike: All (and more) you might ever want to know about riding when it's cold. Great resource.
    • The internet centre for courier culture worldwide. Includes details of courier companies all over. Check their What's New page for updates.
    • Mini_Bents: Recumbents for children page run by Mark Stonich. Lots of homebuilt kids' recumbents, and a few commercial ones too.
    • Sturmey Archer Heritage: Website dedicated to a mainly pictoral history of the Sturmey Archer hub gear, with advertisments, magazine articles and exploded and sectioned views of the various hub models.
    • Once Ridden: A free ad site, for selling your bike or browsing for something new. Pretty much all types of bike catered for, including recumbents, folders, etc.
    • Whycycle: Impartial advice site for new cyclists. Good site to refer beginners to.

  • Forums: Many of the websites mentioned here have forums or discussion boards, but here are a few more specific cycling forums.

    • Yet Another Cycling Forum: Independent forum providing knowledge exchange, reviews, discussion and banter.
    • Bike Radar: This forum brings together the readers of Cycling Plus, Procycling, What Mountain Bike and Mountain Bike UK. Masses of sections, mainly covering Mountain Biking and Racing but there are Commuting, Family and Special Interest sections.
    • Cyclechat: Independent discussion board billed as "A friendly place for everyone with an interest in cycling". Beginners, technical knowhow and general socialising.
    • Cycle Social: Billed as "The UK cyclists' social network", with a forum, photos, links to blogs and more. A sort of Facebook for UK cycling...
    • Folding World: A discussion board specifically for those with an interest in folding bikes and trikes.
    • Tandem Club: The Tandem Club discussion board, the place for all tandem related queries and messages.

  • Organisations:

    • British Human Power Club: The place to go for UK HPV racing, and some good build-your-own HPV advice too.
    • British Pedalcar Championship: For those who prefer exciting HPV racing on four wheels.
    • Company of Cyclists: Info on their local authority roadshows, commuting support scheme, holidays, and ex-Open Road stocks of BCQ, Encycleopedia and other books.
    • Cyclemagic: A Leicester based not-for-profit organisation running projects including training, cycle promotion events, bike recycling and special needs cycling.
    • Cyclescheme: A UK based tax saving scheme aimed at getting more people to cycle, which allows the purchase of bikes at a discount through an employer.
    • Edinburgh Cycle Campaign: Regular news updates and plenty of good resources.
    • IHPVA: Huge site of the International Human Powered Vehicle Association. Vast collection of links, images etc - and sign up from here for many interesting (and free) mailing lists. I strongly recommend joining the HPVA :-)
    • Netherlands Pedersen Fellowship: An active club with regular meetings for fans of the ingenious Pedersen Bicycle.
    • Safe Routes to Schools: Very worthwhile UK organisation getting more kids onto bikes for the school run. Check the website for ways to help or get involved.

  • Other Publications:

    • A to B magazine: Useful publication focussing on folding and electric bikes and transport issues. Site has useful run-downs of available electric bikes and folders.
    • Australian cyclist: Site of Australian Cyclist, an excellent publication which has been doing a subscription exchange with Velo Vision for some years now. Website content includes various product reviews, tour reports and much more. Well worth a visit, and an especially useful resource if you're planning a visit.
    • Bicycle Quarterly: US based magazine, with reviews, road tests, history and technical matters.
    • Carbusters: Published by the World Carfree Network to challenge a prevailing car culture and explore alternatives.
    • Encycleopedia: Latest incarnation of Open Road's Encycleopedia yearbook of alternative cycling recently revived to mixed reviews. Rarely updated.
    • Momentum: Magazine from Canada. Great free-distribution mag (you can also subscribe) which is radical and cool - loadsa fun and makes bikes sexy too. Lots of velolove in this one - even if you're not local, worth a read.
    • New Orleans Bicycles: Website of the New Orleans Bicycles photobook project, with plenty of pictures and links to various cycling resource sites.
    • Outyourbackdoor: Publishers of the English-language version of The Recumbent Bicycle and many other interesting niche, DIY and hobby books - and more, including the adaptable Five Way Bag - rucksack, pannier, bar bag, saddlebag and shoulderbag all in one.
    • The Unicycle Magazine: The title speaks for itself - a magazine devoted to unicycling!

  • Holidays and travel: A small selection of the many companies offering cycling holidays, and websites with useful local information.

    Note - we receive a constant stream of requests from cycle holiday companies for links to their websites to be added - in light of the value of a link from this well established site we now charge £10 + VAT payable in advance to add links (use the 'invoice payment' option at the bottom of our 'Shop' page). Please contact peter at to arrange this. All such paid for links will be marked "(paid link)". Any link not so marked was put up free and gratis!

    • Bicycle Beano: Long established cycle holiday company. They say "Sociable cycling holidays on the idyllic lanes of Wales and England, with delicious organic vegetarian cuisine."
    • Bolero Holidays: UK company specialising in holidays at the Union Lido Holiday Park on the Venetian coast, Italy. Bike hire is available for those wishing to explore the area on two wheels.
    • Cyclebreaks: A company offering touring holidays, predominantly in Norfolk and Suffolk, but also across Europe.
    • Cyclefeast and Bike Right: Friendly, informal gatherings organised annually in Northumberland.
    • Cycling Sideways: Useful resource pages for cycling in Wales and the Welsh Borders. Travel and tourist info, train timetable links, etc.
    • Digngo: High end tour company organising tours in France, concentrating on culture, gastronomy and wine.
    • European Bike Express: Very useful service to transport bikes (even unusual ones) to various continental destinations. They've had a link up for ages so glad to return the favour at last.
    • German Cycling Tours: They say: "Based in Germany, the company offers guided cycling tours with an English speaking local guide in the most scenic areas of Germany such as Bavaria, Rhine Valley, Saxon Switzerland or Elbe Valley."

  • Other interesting stuff

    • Atomic Zombie: Great do-it-yourself site about building fun and crazy machines, including a builders' support forum.
    • Cycling Films: Seamus King's guide to films and TV shows about or featuring cycling - there's more than you might think. Well over 150 as I write this...
    • Cyc-o-vision: This website is dedicated to a cyclist's eye view of bad driving. Contributions are welcome, and with helmet and bike mounted camera technology getting better and more popular, this site should grow.
    • Velo Vision editor Peter Eland's (rarely updated) personal website. Includes details of his home-built tandem recumbent trike, tricycle steering geometry design spreadsheets and also cheap and free CAD software reviews.
    • Outdoor Industry Jobs: Mainly US and Canada based job opportunities in all sorts of outdoor activities, including cycling.
    • Bicycle technology blog from a patent attorney - inventions, patents etc, mostly historical.
    • Pedal Express: Cycle couriers in Berkeley, California. Don't miss their 'Hauling Really Big Things' page!
    • Projection3: "Impressions from bicycle travels": a non-commercial tour photo site by Paul Jeurissen and Grace Johnson, with some lovely images, mainly of America and Asia. Available in Dutch, too.
    • Ripon Loiterers: They say: "Ripon Loiterers arrange cycle rides in the beautiful local countryside. We are a small friendly club that caters for all abilities."
    • We Ride Bikes: Site featuring cycling videos, including helmet cam footage - mainly dowhill mountain biking at the moment. Join up to add your videos.
    • Hilldodger's Cycling History Site: Roger Lovell's cycling history blog, with snippets of history, photos and more.
    • Paul Batty Photography: York area cycling photographer - for weddings and more - and plenty of experience taking pictures of bikes!
    • Asgard: Bradford-based supplier of secure bike storage sheds, for homes, schools and more...

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