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Issue 45 Issue 45, July 2013
Reviews: Biba cargobike, Tern Link P24H folder, Noomad tilting tricycle kit, Freeparable T2 trailer, Carbontrike.
Features: Report from SPEZI 2013, Review of Loopwheel in-wheel suspension, 3D printing for bicycles. Reader bikes: Scorpion cargo bike, 26/20 MetaThesis, Sinner recumbent.
Issue 44 Issue 44, December 2012
Reviews: Hase Klimax, Catrike Road, Xootr Swift folder, Strida Evo.
Features: Triking in the Himalayas. Reader bikes: Nazca Fuego, Bakfiets cargo bike, Kettwiesel Allround. Report from Eurobike 2012. Touring South America on a Tout Terrain Panamericana.
Issue 43 Issue 43, May 2012
Reviews: ICE Vortex trike, Pacific iF Reach folder, Bullitt electric cargo bike.
Features: Community bike fixing, trikes on ice, novel trike steering, new rim dynamo.
Issue 42 Issue 42, November 2011
Reviews: Catrike Musashi, Nazca Gaucho, oVo tandem, Bakfiets and Nihola cargo trikes, Intrepid handcycles, the FollowBox trailer.
Features: Report from Eurobike 2011. Short reviews: Biologic Arx grips, Toddlebike, SKS Renncompressor pump.
Issue 41 Issue 41, June 2011
Reviews: Trisled Rotovelo velomobile, Dahon IOS XL folder, Jango Flik folder, Paper bicycle.
Features: Manufacturer visits: Burrows, Inspired Cycle Engineering. Report from SPEZI 2011.
Issue 40 Issue 40, December 2010
Reviews: Koga Signature, 4Wieler Quad
Features: Pedalling the Amazon. Dealer visit: Cyclesense, York. Reader bikes: New Series Moulton Short review: Sturmey S2C hub.
Issue 39 Issue 39, September 2010
Reviews: Innesenti trike, Simpel NuVinci town bike
Features: Eurobike, VeloCity full reports. DIY luggage, Greenspeed suspension, tadem forks, dual disks.
Issue 38 Issue 38, June 2010
Reviews: Circe Helios tandem, Weehoo recumbent trailerbike
Features: Dealer visits: D Tek, Westcountry Recumbents, Bike to Be, Calhoun Cycles. Reader bikes: Sturmey S3X hub, Bachetta Strada, HPV Speedmachine.
Issue 37 Issue 37, March 2010
Reviews: Villiers Velo Components: SRAM Komfy disk brakes, DMR grease port pedals, Schlumpf Speed Drive, SRAM hubs. ICE Adventure 3FS, Bigfish folder
Features: Dealer visits: Practical Cycles, Onbike. Reader bikes: Biocycle, Circe Helios tandem, Tangeroo, Comforider.
Issue 36 Issue 36, December 2009
Reviews: Workbikes: Bullitt Clockwork, Madsen kg271, Yuba Mundo Ezee, Villiers custom frame, Catrike Dash, T1 trailer
Features: Dealer visits: London Recumbents, Futurecycles, Bikes and Trailers. Reader bikes: HPV Grasshopper, upgraded homebuilt trike, touring with dogs.
Issue 35 Issue 35, September 2009
Reviews: Raptobike Low Racer, Nazca Fuego
Features: Dealer visits: Kinetics, Laid Back Bikes, Amsterdammers, Bikefix, Bicycle Workshop, Velorution. Eurobike 2009 news, DIY velomobile, laid back kids, Velorail.
Issue 34 Issue 34, June 2009
Reviews: Gocycle, KMX Cobra, Taga and Zigo child-carriers.
Features: Taipei and Spezi 2009, special educational needs cycle training, Brompton adaptations, Seacycle, small wheeled cuties in Kyoto.
Issue 33 Issue 33, March 2009
Reviews: Hase Pino, Pirol Street Vario, Kidztandem, Challenge Alize
Features: Pedalling vegetables, carbon low racer build, Velocar and Velorizontal, touring Albania, plus reader bike: Bachetta Giro 20.
Issue 32 Issue 32, December 2008
Reviews: Tongxin, Alien, Heinzmann and Sunstar electric-assist kits, Fahrrad-Manufaktur S-300, Pacific CarryMe
Features: Cyclos of Phnom Penh, Cycle 2008, light comparison, plus reader bikes: bike bus, triplet, ViBikes, Big Dummy, wooden velomobile, Beixo folder.
Issue 31 Issue 31, September 2008
Reviews: ICE B1, Heinzmann Estelle Sport, Downtube 9FS
Features: Eurobike 2008, farewell yellow bike plus reader bikes: Pendalolo, Antrotech trike, a trio of recumbents, wooden recumbent.
Issue 30 Issue 30, June 2008
Reviews: Koga Vector, Santos Dual Travel, Challenge Seiran 24, Windcheetah Sportcompact
Features: Rickshaws of Lhasa, SPEZI 2008, low racer musings, Cadenzas on tour.
Issue 29 Issue 29, Mar 2008
Reviews: Batavus Adagio, Santos SUB, Dahon Cadenza, Yuba Mundo workbike
Features: North American Handmade Bicycle Show, Hub gear comparison, South America by tandem
Issue 28 Issue 28, Dec 2007
Reviews: Moulton Esprit, Tout-Terrain Panamericana, Bike Friday Tikit, Altena-Bike Estrellita
Features: Pedal porters plus reader bikes: Lightning recumbent and a DIY velomobile
Issue 27 Issue 27, Sept 2007
Reviews: Greenspeed Anura trike, USED, BigBoy town bike, Mobiky and Strida folders
Features: Eurobike 2007 report, touring with a tuba, the Streetrower, pedal soap and more
Issue 26 Issue 26, June 2007
Reviews: Sparta Ion, Joey Move, Ezee Forte electric bikes, AZUB Mini and Catrike Trail recumbents
Features: SPEZI 2007, Reader bikes: Stokemonkey, PB-933, Monval Excel
Issue 25 Issue 25, Mar 2007
Reviews: Koga Worldtraveller, Challenge trike, Kettwiesel AL trike, Paratrooper folder
Features: The school run by bike
Buyer’s Guide: Derailleur gears
Issue 24 Issue 24, Dec 2006
Reviews: Birdy Touring, Dahon Mu XL, Pacific Reach, Brompton P6R-X, Bike Friday NWT folders
Features: Cycle caravanning
Buyer’s Guide: Hub gears
Issue 23 Issue 23, Sept 2006
Reviews: Landescape tandem, Sinclair A-Bike, Kronan town bike, Draft handcycle
Show report: Eurobike
Buyer’s Guide: Gearing basics
Issue 22 Issue 22, June 2006
Reviews: Burrows Ratcatcher, Bacchetta Cafe, Nazca Paseo recumbent bikes, Scorpion trike
Feature: Breadmen of Cairo
Buyer’s Guide: Brakes
Issue 21 Issue 21, Mar 2006
Reviews: Pashley-Moulton TSR-8, ICE QNT trike, Shimano 8-speed hub gear, hub dynamos, LED headlights
Buyer’s Guide: Family Cycling
Issue 20 Issue 20, Dec 2005
Reviews: Three child trailers, Mezzo folder, Bike Hod, Schlumpf, and more
Features: IFMA and London show reports
Buyer's Guide: Recumbent Bikes
Issue 19 Issue 19, Sept 2005
Reviews: Titanium Bromptons, Rotor cranks, Radical Cyclone trailer, Chainglider chaincase
Buyer’s Guide: Special Needs Cycling
Issue 18 Issue 18, June 2005
Reviews: five town bikes, Hurricane SL
Features: SPEZI report, Cello review, Rhino ST, Backyard velodrome, DIY trailer
Buyer’s Guide: Folding bikes
Issue 17 Issue 17, March 2005
Reviews: Hase Tagun, AZUB 4, Scootertrike
Features: Catrike and ICE QNT, Trailer testing in Himalayas
Buyer's Guide: recumbent trikes
Issue 16 Issue 16, Dec 2004
Reviews: Bridgestone Moulton, Airnimal Joey
Features: Interbike: masses of news from Vegas, Adult KMX, second-hand ‘bents
Buyer's Guide: Load-carrying
Issue 15 Issue 15, Sept 2004
Reviews: ICE T trike, Carryfreedom trailer
Features: CycleVision, Cyclefest reports, Historic image archive, French HPVers, rickshaw woes
Guide: Touring cycling
Issue 14 Issue 14, June 2004
Features: Riding 4 next-generation velomobiles, Kettwiesel Ti handcycle, SPEZI 04, AV business by bike, US recycling, building a ‘bent
Guide: Utility cycling
Issue 13 Issue 13, March 2004
Reviews: Greenspeed GT3, Orbit tandem
Features: Pedal power in Gualtemala, Load trailer, luggage, art and more
Buyer's Guide: Family cycling
Issue 12 Issue 12, December 2003
Reviews: Giant EZB, Bikebox trailer
Features: Eurobike, Velo-City, Cycle 03 events, Carrying your canine, HUB revisited
Buyer's Guide: Recumbent bikes
Issue 11 Issue 11, September 2003
Reviews: GoBike, Halfway folder, KMX, Evox recumbents
Features: CycleVision, Spokesfest events
Buyer's Guide: Special Needs
Issue 10 Issue 10, June 2003
Reviews: Shaft drive, Triclops, Cargobike
Features: New folding bikes, theft-proof bikes, FiestRAI, SPEZI trade show reports
Buyer's Guide: Folding bikes
Issue 9 Issue 9, March 2003
Reviews: 8 Freight, Bernds tandem folder
Features: Workbike stories, campaigning reports, Innovations from Argentina and Canada
Buyer's Guide: Recumbent trikes
Issue 8 Issue 8, Dec 2002
Reviews: Powabyke, LOGO trike
Features: Inside the Brompton factory, Technology ideas, Special Needs events
Buyer's Guide: Workbikes
Issue 7 Issue 7, September 2002
Reviews: Airnimal, Stein Viper
Features: Family cycling: all the options, Spokesfest, Cyclefest, CycleVision, The bicycling band from Holland
Issue 6 Issue 6, June 2002
Reviews: Dahon SpeedPro, Pac bags, iCycle
Features: SPEZI show report from Germany, A town bike tested in the real world, Inspirational handcycling in Canada
Issue 5 Issue 5, March 2002
Reviews: Cannondale’s recumbent
Features: Human power ice cream, Trailer masterclass, Folder news, velomobiles and more
Issue 4 Issue 4, Dec 2001
Features: York’s mountain-moving couriers, By rickshaw to Genoa, Da Vinci tandem, Bevo recumbent, The fantastic Läufer from Germany
Issue 3 Issue 3, Sept 2001
Features: Morocco’s amazing handcyclists, The pedal paramedic, BikeE tandem report, New folder, CycleVision show report
Issue 2 Issue 2, June 2001
Reviews: Equinox town bike, Roller trike
Features: Ballantine on the need for speed, Technology report from the SPEZI show, Bicycle mass transit in Switzerland
Issue 1 Issue 1, March 2001
Reviews: Birdy Red, Lightspin
Features: Cycle art: from Africa to San Francisco, The NASA pedal-powered moonbuggy, Racing on ice, the bicycle mobile home

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