Velo Vision testimonials

Here's a sample of the reactions to Velo Vision from readers and other publications - and I only get round to typing in a fraction of those I receive. Many thanks to all who write in with kind words - they are much appreciated.

  • December 2009 - Velo Vision vs Bicycling
    I recently stumbled upon a nice review of the magazine on The Epicurean Cyclist:

    Epicurean Cyclist

    Click the image above or here to read their musings. Fair comment on the cover I think!

  • April 2009 - yet more reader feedback
    • The most interesting bike mag in GB
    • Excellent magazine! I've very much enjoyed my first year's subscription - keep up the good work!
    • (re Issue 33) Many thanks for another great read (and re-read) - a must read from cover to cover. Long may it continue, thanks again!
    • By far the best magazine in the world! Thank you.
    • Sorry to be late renewing my subscription but the economic downturn minimmal interest rates as severely diminished my disposable income... but I cannot do without my Velo Vision! Thanks for a superb magazine.
    • Many thanks Peter. And congratulations on producing such an interesting magazine! I'm a keen cyclist but have little interest in the mainstream cycling magazines aimed at sport and off-road cyclists. While I accept that bikes offer excellent opportunities for sport, leisure and fitness I believe they are (or should be), first and foremost, a means of transport!
    • Congrats on successfully introducing a 'new sector' cycling mag focussed principally on new advanced and innovative cycling products and ideas from around the world - a stimulating read - deserves more media attentiuon and promotion!
    • Thank you for your magazine. Since German Liegerad-Magazin never caught on (and was aborted), you're the only paper that is attractive for a 'bent cyclist here. Keep existing.
    • Please keep up the excellent work in presenting the best ideas and solutions in personal transport - there is nothing else comparable.
    • Velo Vision is great and I hope you keep on producing it!
    • Thank you for such an interesting publication, which encouraged me to recycle a worn out Claude Butler Odessy into an Xtracycle conversion - so useful! - and pushed me into finally getting the recumbent tricycle I wanted for years. So good to see someone looking at utility cycles not just mountain and road bikes (great though these are too!).
    • Just keep up the good work. Superb mag.
    • Always an informative and interesting read.
    • It does what it says on the tin!
    • All the best for 2009! Please keep things as they are Peter, and yes, the idea of looking at electric assist, particularly for load carrying is good and welcome. I am also a long term subscriber to A to B. Each complements the other.
    • Great range of editorial! Costs me - from half links to complete bicycles! Thanks and keep it going!
    • I love Velo Vision! Thanks to your review I may soon buy a Dahon Cadenza 8.
    • An excellent magazine - well presented, well balanced.
    • Brilliant, innovative future cycling!
    • Keep up the good work - a very interesting, well written mag.
    • Dear Peter, keep up the splendid work. Still as good as ever magazine, always something for everyone.
    • Renewing despite the credit crunch, as it is good for our mental well-being!
    • Keep cycling and producing Velo Vision - it's inspirational in a mad, mad world.
    • I love seeing pictures of cycles being used as 'beasts of burden' at home and abroad. Excellent mag many thanks.
    • Our distributor in the Netherlands, Marc Siepman of writes: "I received this testimonial through the mail. I've translated it for you. It was published in Ligfiets& magazine:"
      "Velo Vision is singularly inspiring for everybody who loves to ride a bike, unparalleled in the Netherlands (or outside it). It's a magazine that should be available in every bike shop. Most bike magazines aim at a certain category of cyclists and their respective bike: touring, race, MTB or recumbent cyclists... Not Velo Vision though. It stands out by passional interest in technical innovations and alternative constructions and their usefulness in day to day and recreational use. A plethora of (sometimes not too successful) combinations of the usual usage and not-so-usual design (and vice versa) is shown in every single issue. It's this combination that makes the magazine varied and full of surprises. The editorial staff does not limit itself to one type of bike (like recumbents) or one specific activity (like touring) but continually keeps looking for new techniques, constructions and applications of the cycle."
    • Great, thank you for your speedy reply. I'm delighted to have discovered Velo Vision, it's wonderful to have found something so in tune with my interests. I congratulate you on both the scope and the depth of your coverage, not to mention the quality of your analysis. I wish you longlasting sucess, and can only hope you decide to publish more issues per year.
    • More of the same please
    • Keep up the leg powered shennanigans! Inspirational Stuff, Many Thanx 4 a good read. C U all at York!
    • Here's a Velo Vision success story: After noticing that the Long Bike Centre's ad in this month's issue said "Bristol," I contacted the proprietor, and he has agreed to pick me up and take me to his business so I can hire a long bike! I benefit by getting to hire a bike I've been considering purchasing anyway (if not in Britain) and your advertiser is getting some business. Thank you, Velo Vision
  • November 2008 - links
  • November 2008 - more reader feedback
    • the way, I particularly appreciate all the photos of details in the product reviews. I really feel like I know what features the bikes have and how they work. I wish I had more living space so that I could buy a Yuba Mondo and a Dahon and a high-foot sleek aero recumbent and a track bike . . . in addition to the two bikes I already own!
    • Excellent magazine, husband loves all the bikes.
    • I do enjoy reading Velo!
    • Excellent magazine!
    • Keep up the good work!
    • Always happy to see you fall through the letter box!
    • Marvellous again! I continue to wonder how you dig up so much tech stuff when other bikes mags don't. Thanks and keep it up.
    • Great cover to cover read, with meticulous in depth reviews
    • Thanks for your prompt deliveries.
    • Magazine still maintains high standards over last 12 months - both in terms of content and quality of writing.
    • A really great magazine full of warmth and interest. Perhaps more about like-minded communities both in UK and abroad and inspirational individuals as well as the product reviews?
    • Great magazine
    • A really interesting magazine, and as I never remember when it's due, it's always a nice surprise when it arrives!
    • I love this magazine. It helps me keep a focus on what's important about cycling and frees me from commercial mags. I'm buying these to fill winter evenings with inspiration.
    • Peter, the high standard of Velo Vision is one of the few things in this age that doesn't change.
    • At last a cycling magazine about people! Excellent! Reminds me of what New Cyclist was like all those years ago in the '90s.
    • Dinnae change a thing!
    • Lovely magazine- thank you!
    • Remains a great magazine
    • Superb, as ever. Not so much a magazine, more like a quality book in bi-monthly episodes. Many thanks. Keep up the good work!
    • A very interesting mag and good value for money.
    • The magazine is a great treat!
    • Great stuff, more please!
    • Great mag, keep it up!
    • Keep up the superb work. Velovision is the best publication of any kind, and it keeps getting better.
    • The magazine keeps getting better and better. The Moulton Esprit review was spot on - I bought one.
    • Still a great magazine. I read it cover to cover. Good website as well.
    • Why only 4 issues a year? It's just not enough. Can't you at least make it six so I only have to wait two months between issues? Keep up the good work, I just can't get enough! Thanks!
    • lurv your magazine xx J
    • Dear Peter, as every year from your start, please find my order for a new year subscription (same adress). Knowing the bicycle world (as engineer) Velovision is still for me the best magazine of alternative bicycles I've read... I really hope your business is still growing and going well.
  • January 2008 - yet more comments...

    First, a couple of links to discussions about Velo Vision on the Bentrideronline message boards:

    And a bumper crop of reader comments:

    • Dear Peter and staff at Velo Vision, many thanks for the latest issue. I was in hospital when it arrived... [gory medical details omitted! -Ed]....I wasn't feeling at my best. But the magazine cheered me up...please find cheque enclosed for further issues. Getting the magazine in hospital maybe didn't save my life but I think it saved my sanity!
    • I look forward to many more years of this quality magazine. Thank you for all of the hard work you put into getting it published.
    • Very good mag - thank you Peter. Please keep it up - always interesting.
    • Continues to be excellent - best wishes.
    • Another GREAT issue (27)! Super reporting from Eurobike.
    • The most original magazine for cyclists in the English language - bravo!
    • Very interesting magazine - keep up the good work.
    • A great magazine - my favourite cycle mag.
    • Still an excellent read - whether it's the 1st, 2nd or 10th time of reading the same issue!
    • Absolutely super magazine! 4 copies per year just right. I really look forward to each issue. Am hoping to purchase a RANS Zenetic in the near future - after my coming hip replacement.
    • Always very good. I like technical info about people's/manufacturers' bikes. I will send you a picture of my everyday training recumbent, made for free from old racer frames and second hand parts...
    • Still very pleased...
    • Very good - varied and fascinating. Test of the new Cyclesense Extrawheel trailer would be appreciated. [It was reviewed in VV17 -Ed].
    • Always an enjoyable and interesting read. Six issues per year would be better!
    • A great magazine, thank you.
    • Fab mag!
    • Just for the record, I recently bought 2 Islabikes after seeing them in Velo Vision and what a great product they are, now have two very happy, cycling mad kids - keep up the good work!
    • Refreshing change to usual newsagent bike mags. Really enjoy reading all articles. Well done.
    • Good stuff, thank you. I am very glad to have an 8-Freight and use it all the time.
    • Great magazine, many thanks
    • I particularly enjoy the variety of innovative ideas you report on.
    • I'm a 'fair weather cyclist' aged 59 1/2 but I enjoy the 'velo' and the 'vision'. I won't be around in the 22nd century but I like to think your magazine will be!
    • Congratulations on the quality of photos and printing...
    • A joy to read and savour!
    • Fantastic magazine, well done to the team!
    • Excellent and informative and innovative! Well done!
    • A great read - pity it's only once a quarter!
    • The magazine just keeps on getting better!
    • Fascinating mag - wish it was monthly!
    • All best wishes to you Peter and the team. It's still all brilliant - keep at the cutting edge! Have a good 2008!
    • A great magazine. Superb photography. Happy new year!
    • Love your across the board reviews and honest opinion Peter. Thank you so much for a worthy publication. I don't see you ever going off. Cheers mate...
    • Excellent magazine as usual. Articles on workbikes/cargo carrying always welcome.
    • I returned home yesterday to find that I had received the copies of Velo Vision which you had kindly re-sent for me - thank you very much. I was impressed by the appearance and the quality of the magazines even before I had read any of the articles, and although I only had time to read a couple of the articles last night, I am looking forward to being able to read the magazines which I received from cover to cover, my only regret is that I delayed subscribing previously, and persevered with other inferior publications. I shall now have to peruse the 'back issue' listings to ensure that I have not missed any articles which relate to subjects that I find really interesting. Thanks once again.
    • And stacks of people wrote: "Keep up the good work!"
  • August 2007: Further comments from readers...

    • As somebody who has spent most of his adult life as a journalist/editor/photographer/publisher, including successfully launching (and later selling) a New Zealand cycling magazine, I'm stunned with the quality of Velo Vision. I well know the reality of the brutal economics of producing a quality print publication, especially in these online-driven times. (I've been an IT specialist for much of the last 20 years so have lived through the bleeding edge of the transition...) I am seriously breathless with admiration for what you've achieved. I can only assume you've got a great team of contributors that write mostly for love, along with an over-riding passion at your end coupled with no real desire to get rich from publishing? ;-) Keep up the fabulous work. Cheers, Doug Casement
    • Your magazine is a morale boost for me - essential reading!
    • Hi Peter, Thanks for a great read. This is what 'Proper' cycling is all about, and it is such an inspiration to all true utility cyclists. Hope to renew my subscription in another year's time. Thanks Again, and Best Regards, andy
    • i always stop whatever I'm doing when velo Vision arrives and spend far too long just browsing. Well done Peter - I dont' know how you keep it up!
    • A welcome dose of inspiration every time it arrives! We love VeloVision!
    • Excellent! Especially special needs articles and info!
    • Once again thank you for such a wonderful publication - it's more like a book, delivered in quarterly sections, than a magazine. Keep up the good work!
    • Congratulations on producing such an interesting publication - can't wait for the next issue!
    • Please keep doing what you're doing - I don't think there's anything else like it. And thank you.
    • Great magazine. Keep up the inspirational work!
    • Thanks for mailing me the reminder to renew my subscription. I do enjoy your magazine.
    • Excellent magazine - always look forward eagerly to next issue!
    • Thanks Peter Eland for the great work you do, the only reason I do not request a life subscription is for the Italian concept of scaramanzia: not superstition but... not far from it, so that we will not tempt fate neither on my side nor on yours. All the best...

  • April 2007: latest crop of much appreciated reader comments...

    • Excellent magazine! Keep up the good work. I cannot say how long I'll keep subscribing as I'm 77 and may ascend to the heavenly cycleways any time. I am still riding a trike though!
    • Great mag! Always looked forward to!
    • Always an essential read - devoured on the day it arrives!
    • I'm not much of a cyclist but I greatly enjoy dreaming over Velo Vision and going to the summer cycling holidays
    • Look forward to receiving the magazine every quarter - it's great!
    • Best mag ever!
    • Just to say thanks for a great mag. I like to read about trikes - I own a 1995 Trice.
    • Oops! Yes I had forgotten to renew my subscription but I had a nagging feeling something was missing from my life. Thanks for reminding me! Thanks for your invigorating magazine and its constituency of clear-minded contributors.
    • Quality magazines like this are few and far between. I hope you can keep this going. All the best...
    • Long may your publication continue to inspire Velo Visionaries. And keep on creating such a great mag.
    • Velo Vision is an entirely refreshing antidote to the current diet of newsstand cycle jornalism - seeped as it is in the desire for a high-spending, commercially-oriented readership which apparently welcomes the threadbare, idiomatic writing style. Velo Vision eschews this crass superficiality which, for me (and others I know) is manna from Heaven.
    • Great magazine - I enjoy everything about it! Thank you!
    • Great magazine - lots of interesting and inspiring articles - thanks!
    • Superb magazine - I could try to find a more eloquent way of putting that for your quotes file, but you know what I mean!
    • Great magazine! I love the format - size, layout etc and the articles are always interesting - even if at first sight they don't appear so! I ride a Windcheetah and get a lot of attention so it's good to link up to the 'recumbent world' via Velo Vision.
    • Once more congratulations on editing the only cycling magazine that I find really interesting from cover to cover! Enclosed a cheque for my subscription for another year.
    • Thanks for a brilliant magazine, I look forward to receiving it each quarter. Please carry on the excellent work.
    • As one of your newer subscribers I’m enjoying your magazine hugely. It provides hours of enjoyable, intense discussion between myself and another colleague at work in our school design dept. We are planning a cruiser project with our new MIG welder...
    • Excellent publication - always a joy to read!
    • Your magazine is great!
    • The 75th best cycling magazine on the market today! Only joking! Keep up the high standards!
    • Brilliant, interesting magazine!
    • Just a word of thanks, again, for a beautiful issue. A treat, as always, and a nice moment to look forward in the evening
    • Great Magazine! Really enjoy it - thank you!
    • Still a glorious magazine - don't you dare stop!
    • I read the mag cover to cover. Great web site as well. The digital download mag is a good idea but cannot replace the paper mag for me. I have used the website forsale/wanted in the past, good response.
    • I thoroughly enjoy reading what is a very well produced magazine.
    • I enjoyed the custom bikes! Keep up the good work!

  • January 2007: latest crop of much appreciated reader comments...

    • Enjoying your great magazine and particularly like the pan European and USA angles.
    • Velo Vision is still among the best cycle magazines I've ever read, thank you for all the effort you put into your creation. I wish it were larger, published more often & that I didn't read it so quickly...
    • As for the mag - it is great, and very inspirational. I will be buying a three wheel recumbent as soon as I can find space to store it. Sadly this will mean selling one or two of my other 9 bikes...
    • I have to start by saying how much your magazine entertains, inspires and educates my Design and Technology students (and myself). My father, on a recent visit, spent most of the evening being antisocial and pored over the past copies I've got....
    • Thanks for visiting the many facets of cycling. The design, writing and printing are exceptional.
    • Enjoyed the sample copy (Issue 22), Article on brakes very good. Have a Brompton and a Moulton, would like to try a recumbent but dont' think I could get one past the wife!
    • Excellent mix of content - well done and thank you!
    • Look forward to each issue. Wouldn't miss it for the world. Getting better all the time if that's possible!!!
    • Lovely magazine! Just bought a Grasshopper at D-Tek to complement my Greenspeed GTS
    • VV is too short! I read it the same day postie gets it here. Then I have to re-read it to appreciate the pictures! Thanks!
    • Brilliant magazine - full of excellent innovations and ideas.
    • Love the magazine! Wish it was monthly...
    • Excellent! Wide range of topics much appreciated! Best wishes for 2007.
    • As always magazine and website are great.
    • Inspiring! Happy New Year!
    • All positive! Great mix of original thinkers and industry's best bits. Great layout. I also love that you keep the (often interesting) adverts grouped at the back...
    • I also wanted to say that I was very pleased to read the article on hub gears, and I can hardly wait (but have to) for the next issue.
    • I've got it now and I'm impressed. Thanks very much, I'm very grateful. You'll no doubt be hearing from me again soon for the rest.
    • I only recently discovered your magazine and it's amazing! I'll be putting in an order for a large number of back issues soon.
    • Great issue 24 which I read cover to cover over the holidays
    • Thanks a lot for your really different magazine, in my opinion, it's the unique bicycle magazine!! The subjets are everytime interessant, and are well written! I'm waiting every issue! don't change!
    • Just received issue 24, looks a cracking read as usual!

  • November 2006: A few more collected comments from recent emails and subscription renewal forms:

    • Very informative and enjoyable! I feel like I couldn't manage without it...
    • I enjoy your magazine very much. Keep up the excellent work!
    • Top class magazine - more like a book. Excellent variety of articles - you might even persuade me to try a recumbent one day. And the new website forum is very entertaining! Many thanks...
    • Great magazine - thank you!
    • ...and although I'm sure you hear it very often, I also would like to congratulate you on your excellent magazine, it's certainly the best one available in English speaking countries in my opinion (and I read quite a few cycling publications from Australia, UK and USA).
    • From a world-class handcycle athlete:
      Oh yeah. Before I forget... I got my first issue of VeloVision! It's probably the best magazine I've ever gotten. It's like a book: all kinds of references to past issues (that I wish I had), glossy pages, and GREAT content. Now, I like to think that I stay on top of things that go on in the handcycle industry. However, I felt a bit aloof when I opened up VV and found a review of a handcycle that I had never even heard of before! At a glance, I could see that it was nothing revolutionary and won't be setting a new standard. However, the fact that I had never even HEARD of them was great. The fact that VeloVision will run an article/review on such a small company is awesome.
    • Just to say that I am impressed by the quality and sheer amount of your work! The issue is excellent, and look forward to the next.
    • Just a quick word to say that I'm new to VV (2 issues in), but have to say that I'm totally amazed at what people and manufacturers have done with bikes - it's stunning, and VV highlights this in a brilliant and accessible way. I especially like the Buyer's Guides.
    • Opened my copy of VV this morning. Best ever! Packed with great stuff. Looks nice, too.
    • Thanks for sending the first sub issue. Very impressed - even after reading it cover to cover, I'm still finding bits I missed the first time round.
    • We really enjoy your magazine and look forward to getting every new issue. Thanks for publishing it.
    • I have enjoyed both issues! Looking forward to more - I just purchased a Greenspeed GT3 and impatiently awaiting its delivery :-)
    • Thank you very much & the best wishes for you and your so nice magazine
    • I also just wanted to drop you a note to say that although I no longer subscribe to Velo Vision, I do purchase each new issue from the Urbane Cyclist (Toronto) and read it cover to cover. Thanks for continuing to publish such a great magazine!

  • October 2006: Recent media mentions:

    A couple of nice mentions in the media appeared recently:

  • September 2005: spotted some nice comments on the uk.rec.cycling newsgroup:

    uk.rec.cycling thread via Google Groups

  • March 2005: A few reader comments received after Issue 17 was published... thanks to all who wrote in:

    • Love the magazine - please ensure I haven't missed an issue!
    • Excellent - inspiring! I just wish more people read it!
    • Just a line to say thanks for Issue 16 (a bit late - I apologise). As always, an inspirational read, and easily up to your usual very high standards! I have ordered some back issues...
    • Fantastic mag, really look forward to reading it!
    • It continues to be a superb magazine. It's the only cycling mag I bother having now. Keep up the good work - it is much appreciated.
    • I really enjoy the magazine
    • Always a cover-to-cover read - keep up the good work!
    • Bringing Inspiration Knowledge and Engineering (BIKE)! A hub for cyclists & engineers with an open mind who crave inspiration and knowledge of all things pedal powered. Keep up the good work!
    • They get better and better. How do you do it? KEEP IT UP Peter! Best wishes...
    • VV - a great read! More velomobiles please? ...Great work Peter! Thanks!
    • Current issue fantastic! Having solo and recumbent trikes you will appreciate my interest...
    • A super magazine for new ideas on HPVs . Keep up the good work!
    • I have a great need for cheering news and Velo Vision fills the gap!
    • Really enjoy the magazine. I read it from cover to cover. I usually end up reading them again a few months later. The photography is excellent. The website is also great - I check the 'for sale' and 'wanted' ads regularly. Owning unusual bikes is definitely addictive! You can never have too many...
    • Extremely professional and readable magazine. The only one I read from cover to cover - even the parts I don't expect to interest me.
    • I've recently neglected to send you both the positive feedback that you both deserve regarding the production of Velo Vision. It's amazing that with just a 'few staff' you continue to expand and produce a title that puts many heavyweight publishers to shame.
  • January 2005: Sorry not many updates here recently - the kind words are still coming in and are much appreciated. Here, for a change, is a scan of a real, genuine paper letter from Canada: click on the image for a full-sized, more legible version.

    Letter thumbnail
  • March 2004: A few more short comments from readers...

    • ...your wonderful Velovision. Continue to love your magazine. Hopefully I will make it to some of the events you list - and even get the pleasure of meeting you one day...
    • ...Meanwhile, I'll take the opportunity to say thanks for the magazine - it continues to be well worth reading, and personally I think it's the best cycling magazine I've known (including illustrious forebears like BCQ). Long may you be willing/able to continue.
    • Thanks. Loved the sample magazine. I'm going to subscribe
    • Having received my first issue back in July, and re-read it more times than I care to think about, I've eagerly anticipated the new issue for September. As today is the 9th, and I cannot keep accusing the postman of reading my copy before handing it over...
    • Your magazine is still the coolest cycling mag. I love the stories about the really offbeat characters like that paralyzed guy using that 100lb handcycle in Morocco.
    • I am a new subscriber ... and have received issues 10 and 11. From those samples, I think you produce an excellent, excellent magazine with a noble mission that we badly need here. I would like to order a set of all the back issues (if they are still available). In addition, I would like to give a subscription to a local organization with a similar mission ... Thanks again for furthering our hopes for a more livable society, and a more healthy planet. What a simple joy and elegant solution bicycles offer. The world needs to know that.
    • I received the back issues of Velo Vision. They are very good, consistently containing new and very interesting information.
    • My issue 12 arrived this morning - many thanks. I work from home and need to be extremely self-disciplined, so only allowed myself a skim read. Looks fantastic, absolutely what I have been hoping was out there! Count me in as a regular!
    • Well done! Just a note to say I've just received issue 10 and it seems your magazine just keeps on getting better and better! It's a fantastic issue.
    • Keep up the good work on your wonderful, indispensable, unique, fantastic magazine! I read it front to back.
    • Thanks for another great issue of Velovision. As usual it was read cover to cover - including ads within a few hours of it's arrival.
    • First of all, I would like to congratulate you for the quality of your VeloVision publication - I must say I am kind of addicted to it now and I regularly go back into the previous issues with great pleasure.
    • Thanks for a terrific magazine, I will no longer have to suffer pages and pages of Cycling Plus racing articles to find the buried interesting stuff !
    • Firstly, my congratulations for a really well-written magazine, which I always enjoy reading, even though my M.E./Chronic Fatigue Syndrome severely restricts my ability cycle at the present time. I remember the very early focus on disability in cycling that you compiled in Velovision. Was number 3, or around that time? That was a quite courageous step, which other cycling magazines should take note of!
    • Thanks for your help I will look into the sources you have provided. My friends now see me as an evangelical - born again - Velo Vision addict. I lend out my copies to them, but never more than two to any one person and the loan is always accompanied by one of the fliers I got with the last issue so I hope this brings some more subscriptions. I think you have produced the best magazine on the market, well done.
    • Thanks for the superb magazine, it shows that fun cycling and useful cycling can be the same thing!
    • Upon reception of my first issue I red the whole thing out in one go (and several times since). I am a very happy camper!
    • When I first subscribed to Velovision it was with some doubt. I had just sent a 2 year subscription payment to Bycycle about two days before the plug was removed! I did not feel very confident at all. However here we are 3 years later and renewal again was made. The magazine is great and not like the Bike Culture which I half expected... Anyhow, best of luck with your continuing progress with Velovision.
    • Just wanted to let you know, I received "the package" last week, been too busy reading to let you know how wonderful your little publication is! It has the same easy tone as my favorite boating magazine, "Messing about in Boats", I guess it's not a surprise MAIB's editor Bob Hicks is a recumbent rider, nor should I have been so suprised to see a letter with photo from him in Issue 4 p39. You can count on my upcoming subscription, save a copy of Issue 11 for me!
    • Just got my first issue,what a nice surprise a readable mag well done and keep up the good work
    • As a new subscriber I would like to say how much the mag is appreciated... Thanks again for the spirit of the mag and for your positive outlook on cycling - I NEED literature like this.
    • The September issue of Velo Vision made my day, once I wrestled it away from my son. I always enjoy reading every article... The section on Special Needs Cycling was beautiful. We'll pick up a couple extra copies for friends with particular interests in this area...
    • And Peter, you wrote once again a terrific and informative article about Cycle Vision, outstanding! Velo Vision is becoming a more dynamic magazine then BCQ ever was; no offence of course.
    • First, congratulations on oyur wonderful magazine. Super mag. A real public service. Thanks.
    • I just got a copy of Issue 12, and a great magazine just keeps on getting better, (and I've only read a few issues)!
    • I listed Velovision on my site awhile back. You all have a great magazine and I wish we could have something like that here in the states! Keep up the great work.
    • Keep up the good work with Velovision, it's still an excellent read ! Now, where's that subscription renewal form....
    • Yet another good read that has seen important jobs put on one side until Velovision has been digested.
  • March 2003: Questionnaire comments. We sent out a questionnaire with Issue 8 of the magazine. Here's a verbatim (as far as my typing allows!) dump of the comments written in to the main 'comments' space (there were a few additional ones too, which we'll try to present later, but formatting is more tricky) from the first 200-odd replies we entered. The database dumped them out in reverse alphabetical order, and also seems to have truncated some entries. We'll replace this section with the full version, and correct these errors, if we ever finish entering data!

    • You are doing a grand job - keep it up. A possible idea - reports of readers' experience with some of the smaller organised cycle holidays e.g. C2C with Holiday Lakeland or Pedaltours guided tours or New Zealand. Or Bicycle Beano. Do they get better results than DIY?
    • VV is well managed and put together by one man! It just has to be good!. However I feel that too much focus is placed on recumbents and alternative/veggie/green theoretical! The world is ruined, it will not change for (TRUNCATED)
    • VV is one of the few mags I read cover to cover. I find its balance good - the message that cycling can be an integral part of life for everyone. I enjoy the new technology coverage. I might persuade my wife we need a tandem - then she won't need to pedal to keep up.
    • VV = a great mag. I'm only envious to not own/buy or try some of the products out there. Allowing for cost and time I think VV is Ok value all round. Maybe tempt advertisers to write more detailed/practical A4 adverts with more details than they give. In effect another article part paid by advertisers, not at full A4 page rate, but also editorially not involved?
    • Very interested in HPV
    • Very happy with magazine, you're doing a grand job Peter. Re Section 2.8 above - didn't know some of these titles existed - how about a 'further reading' article?
    • Velo Vision is a breath of fresh air in the magazine world. It is original, intelligent, with copy and material not found elsewhere. It does not patronise. If this questionnaire has been triggered by concerns re circulation figures - I can sympathise, but sincerely hope you won't feel pressurised into taking a more 'commercial'/soundbite approach - there is too much to lose.
    • Too many shed bikes/mags. I am appalled by general public they are so reluctant to invest in fitness comfort and dynamics and efficiency. I appreciate Velo Vision as it is biased towards intelligent cycling, city semi or proper recumbents, good work. Too few magazines offer this. I am more than eager to read VV and now it's thicker too - very good. More women are needed though! Good work Peter keep it up well done. Praps we could do with a campaign for safer storage in towns and cities - I live 5 miles outside Ipswitch and can't use my best bikes worth £800-2000 theft or vandalism probs. British rail lockers could be the answer?
    • Too many letters by Seamus D King
    • This magazine is a good read, covering topics not generally addressed in others. Content is varied with a good mix of social cultural and technical articles. I think there is possibly scope for one or two 'adult' mountain bike articles and maybe something about cycling websites. I have only read three issues - maybe you have already covered these topics. Great read, look forward to future issues.
    • There seems to be an increasing tendency to omit postal addresses of manufacturers and suppliers in favour of just a website address. Not everyone has a PC. The cost of a PC and its peripherals would preclude the replacement of my lead machine when it becomes time expired in about 8000 miles time. The best cycling mag I've ever read. However from Issue 5 a number of grauniad style typographical slips, spelling mistakes and errors have occurred. This doesn't help if we want to be taken seriously and influence (TRUNCATED)
    • The buyer's guide is excellent - please continue with this. Reports on the varoius bikes shown are excellent. Any advice on transporting bikes abroad via aircraft (storage, tips on insurance) etc. Tips on cycle security
    • The most interesting part of the magazine to me is the detail of new developments and design. Probably I should look at the news on the website more often.
    • The magazine is getting better and better. Keep it up!
    • The magazine is getting better all the time. I don't have access to the internet and cannot be bothered to (TRUNCATED)
    • The magazine is generally very good - but you do get a bit carried away with some of the fringe activities - cycle canoeing etc. Like the features on working bikes and their users. Like the show reports. Why not talk to the 'providers' such as manufacturers, retailers and infrastructure providers as part of a long series of (TRUNCATED)
    • The mag is great - keep up the good work!
    • Thank you (Peter) for an excellent job and I hope you can continue to do so. I love the connection with the world of cycling and sustainable living development. I think the current balance is excellent! If I were to change one thing it would be to add more of an emphasis on sustainable development e.g Mayer Hillamn, John Whitelegg, cycle campaigning. I was very disappointed which Bike Culture and Bycycle folded. It took me a while to tune into VeloVision.
    • Stay at the cutting edge. Try not to duplicate too much what is covered by existing other specialist magazines. But, VV is the best, clearly in a class of its own,and I accept that there is bound to be coverage (TRUNCATED)
    • re 1.3 - VV is expensive but deserves support for its open views on cycling and as an encouragement to others to cycle. VV is an excellent publication - an improvement on BCQ which was a hard act to follow - and deserves success
    • Probably my favourite cycling read, although a to b comes close probably more issues
    • Peter, I really look forward to receiving the magazine and reading it. Thanks.
    • Pete - am really impressed with the mag. Have deliberately left the first part of the questionnaire as I enjoy the diversity of the articles. I wouldn't change too much at all.
    • Overall like the magazine a lot. A good read even those articles I'm not very interested in. Good balance of (TRUNCATED)
    • Only comment on cost is that it is a bit expensive, but that is to be expected given the specialist nature of the magazine. Hopefully economics of scale will help if the circulation improves.
    • Now interested in general cycling articles and use. VeloVision covers well.
    • Much enjoyed. Loads of interesting and refreshing ideas
    • More on interesting characters, bikes/HPV, techniocal stuff, HPV racing, Audax. Stuff that doesn't get coverage in mainstream pubs. Why don't you join forces with A to B? You are both 'minority sports' within a 'minority sport' - makes sense to me.
    • More commuting articles and more touring/recreation articles
    • Many congratulations on your nomination! Magazine as it stands is very good. Enjoyed the December issue. Articles comparing the Optima and EZB are interesting - I mean look at trends in cycling and discuss. Giant's bike looks a bit dysfunctional - style
    • Love it!
    • Like it a lot! Keep it accurate and thorough - Jim McGurn's stuff could be slipshod at times - and positive. Would like more on the politics of cycling, campaigning issuesetc. Plus things about cycling organisations and (TRUNCATED)
    • Keep up the good work! A good resource - I have several colleagues and friends who now use bikes or equipment which was found through your magazine (+ its predecesssor).
    • Keep up the good work Pete. Love the regular ads by D-tek.
    • Keep up the good work
    • Keep providing something that is that bit different from the high street journalism. Don't get hung up on providing for the minority extrovert cyclists. There are more 'Mr Average' who like to see things they can relate to and afford but maybe just on the edge of being that bit different. Great read. Keep on doing more or less what you're already doing. The website needs a means to provide links to articles.
    • I've been pleasantly impressed by the scope and readability of the mag. The inclusive nature of the coverage is nice for us weirdos who don't ride diamond frame bikes for everything. Good stuff!
    • It's time it was on newsstands! I love the innovation stuff.
    • It may be worthwhile consierig household rather than the individual subscriber in this survey
    • It is a great magazine - it gives an excellent overview of not just cycles but cycling culture as a whole. It's also nice to see the experiences of life without choking cars
    • Independent publication - important to me. Enjoy cycle culture stuff, events and reviews. I am prepared to pay the £6 per issue for a quality publication, which this is. Top stuff.
    • I'm pleased with VeloVision so much that I'm subscribing for another year. I recently gave a cycling cafe a complete set of Velo Vision issues as a gift to the new owners. They said people would take them if they put them out on a recent visit. I don't know if you have gained any new subscribers from this but one thing is certain I haven't done this with any other cycling mag. Keep up the good work.
    • If you look at the marks I gave you'll realise there's hardly anything I'd like to see improved. It's the only English-language magazine that's not totally ignorant about what's happening elsewhere in the world. So any articles I'd like to see about say mudguards or dynamos would not be in my own interest but for the benefit of everybody else. Preaching to the converted again. It would be nice to see the magazine as a bimonthly
    • I'd like a bit more on the internationasl cycle advocacy scene. Velo Vision is inspiring and a good read. Re 3: problem with this data is that most subscribers do so on behalf of a couple or family. A2b wrongly interpreted this as showing a nale bias. In fact it probably only showed a preponderance of males doing the (TRUNCATED)
    • I would appreciate more information about some of the alternative publications. Perhaps articles could be reprinetd from magazines such as 'Momentum'. I do like your competitions and the friendly and relaxed tone of the magazine. Excellent - so no major change in what you're doing or you may endanger the charm of the (TRUNCATED)
    • I very much respect the work you do, none of my comments are meant as criticism. I don't expect any single publication to be perfect for me. Maybe use some Mayer Hillman ideas as a springboard into more radical environmental politics. I'll continue to subscribe regardless - many thanks.
    • I think the quality of the photographs and articles is very good in Velo Vision. My only reservation is that I find it a bit expensive compated to more mainstream magazines such as Cycling Plus etc. However I do thing that it covers areas of cycling not covered bu other magazines well, and realise with its smaller circulation that it is difficult to be cpompetitive with the more mainstream magazines.
    • I think the 'Buyer's Guide' in the latest issue is a good idea - use it to define the 'theme' of each issue and go into more depth in some of the cycle show reviews? But: overall a great magazine! Any chance of it being published more frequently??? I think it's an excellent magazine for those who don't want to fall down slopes on two wheels! I particularly appreciate articles which put cycling in a day to day context - integrating cycling into everyday life rather (TRUNCATED)
    • I subscribe to A to B so have read tests of folders and electric cycles. Too many empty spaces on pages - including this one - means less room for text and photos. Black and white photographs need to have more contrast e.g. page 13. Some fonts inappropriate e.g. A business trip on page 12. I don't like coloured fonts e.g. page 6. Too bold as well. Why the big heading and spaces on the News pages? And letters pages? I don't like coloured pages - e.g p. 25. Lots of space and quite small font size. I don't get it! Why put photos across the magazine fold? It spoils the impact! I lose interest when text is printed on top of photos e.g p. 15. So, bigger font in text, fewer empty spaces, fewer design gimmicks, it's why I stopped buying Bycycle, Trail magazine and Encycleopedia. Should be a prize draw to encourage filling in of survey. I won't resubscribe if design format says the same. My specific comments are about Issue 8. Good luck!
    • I sometimes think the technical quality of the photographs on the cover is not as high as it should be on a £6 magazine. I know it isn't sold in many shops but you do need to entice people as much as possible. Just a (TRUNCATED)
    • I hate most cycling magazines. I've answered this because I appreciate Velo Vision. Cycling used to be my only transport for decades. Cycling distribution and design support has been part of my business. Right now, though, I walk small distances and drive the long ones - and walk cross country - actual cycling is in abeyance (TRUNCATED)
    • I don't mind adverts if it helps keep prices down. Very good effort. I don't fit these categories as I am really a recreational cyclist. Mostly, I must admit, a fair-weather cyclist. I just enjoy cycling, but don't take it very seriously.
    • I appreciate the magazine but find that it makes me want more! Please do well with it!
    • I am very impresse by VeloVision. Please feel your way carefully - so many good cycling magazines have come and gone over the last 30 years. I hope that VeloVision is sent to the editor of the CTC magazine
    • I am utilitarian in my approach to cycling - interested in what can be done by bike, and in replacing petrol-powered journeys with human-powered or very light electric-powered ones. That is why Velo Vision and A to B are the only bikemags that interest me. You're filling a niche which no-one else touches Peter. Keep it up!
    • I am pleased that such a good magazine is available, on time, of such high quality, to fill the gap left when the Opem Road publications died. Thanks for this.
    • I am mildly interested in recumbents
    • I always enjoy it especially the punctuality. Keep it up
    • Having only read three copies, I look forward to others with great interest Great read - full of interesting articles, at present balance of interest/adverts OK. CTC mag went OTT, lost a lot of members due to becoming over-commercial.
    • Great mag! Also love the show reports e.g. SPEZI in Germany or HPV meetings
    • Great mag - more fun stuff maybe - 'tis a bit straight
    • Good work. Keep it up and all that. What I would most appreciate is a comparison of various countries and cities re cycleability / liveability. Not easy to find. I don't think Britain is safe or pleasant enough to live in long-term
    • Good mix - how about technical articles on
      1. hub gears
      2. cog design
      3. derailleurs. With some maths? Readers are enthusiasts!
      4. Design of tyres, materials
      5. Avoiding electrolytic corrosion
      6. Chain lube
      7. Design errors -e.g. safety brake handles
      8. Fuel cell powered!
      The more detailed the better! Good mag - price a bit high but more ads _at back_ OK. Cheers and merry Xmas.
    • Good magazine - I'll look forward to the future issues. Couple of comments - please take them in the spirit of constructive feedback that's intended:
      • Layouyt: I think it looks better with no more than 3 columns per page. Don't like the subheading font used as I find it difficult to read.
      • Illustrations: really wish you could persuade David Eccles to do a BCQ-style cover or two and some sketches on content.
      • Layout: why not put Velo Vision by page numbers so that the source is clear when articles are photocopied?
      • Technical: the engineer in me would love the occasional really techie article, maybe even with some maths in it. I don't think it matters if occasional stuff goes over people's heads. How about commissioning Mike Burrows?
    • Generally find Velo Vision very good and look forward to each issue. Production quality layout etc is very good if not as glossy as the newsstand mMTB magazines. The extra pages of the latest issue are welcome and improve the 'value for money' of the magazine. Even your adverts are more interesting than the mainstream magazines. More adverts to pay for more content pages could be worthwhile if possible. As a technical type I always appreciate that side of the content and would always welcome more although I enjoy the cultural and historical articles as well and would not advocate their removal! More pages, more content and better value.
    • from item 1.1: technical info e.g ETRTO tyre sizes, chainring BCD etc in small sizes - Sutherlands by stealth! A4 landscape fold on short side - std size but even more page width. Is this page format unworkable? Excellent - excellent. Of course would like more issues per year
    • Enjoyable magazine, getting better all the time. Full colour would be nice if affordable. Going to be hard to compete with online publications purely on written content so need to take advantage of beautiful, detailed photography, to give readers an incentiven to read a mag rather than download PDF. Any chance of getting some of that wonderful cover art/posters that used to be the best feature of BCQ?
    • Enjoy both magazine and website. Good work Peter
    • Cycles make excellent design study topic for craft and design (D and T in England). The school I teach at has had Dr Moulton in to speak twice, and has built a recycled recumbent. I have used Velo Vision as a source for pupil inspiration, especially for wheelchair design. We hope to do a cycle sidecar soon. I enjoy the magazine a lot - like the cover designs usually, and the eclectic mix of articles. PS we use a Trail-gator with oldest child (4) and it is excellent. Worth a review - no need for secrecy.
    • Brompton article was brilliant - it introduces people!
    • Brilliant magazine. I've just discovered that I can use the library to visit the website - so I shall do that before Christmas. We do like the ads grouped at the back - more coherant editorial, and we know where to look for the 'business' section. All in all a really good effort, and we wish you continuing success
    • Brill mag. More real cyclists lives. What they like/hate. Keep it 'Chris Juden' free.
    • Best wishes for the future and look forward to the next issue
    • An excellent magazine - thank you. I especially enjoy the input from and about other countries - unique.
    • An article on 'pub bikes' showing various people's solutions and expectations (i.e. cheap reliable DIY) Althought at £6 the cover price is more than other magazines I buy/subscribe to - I think it is good value for money. It is the only magazine I keep as I recycle all the others.I would not like to see the quality reduced by having a more regular publication. I would like to pay by annual direct debit.
    • A very good magazine. Very good examples of inspiring bikes and people. I like the international element and its independence. Perhaps change some of the fonts e.g the script font introducing features - looks a little unprofessional - sorry. Otherwise very well laid out and presented.
    • A few examples of articles I would like to see are:
      • Touring, what sort of bike is best? What gear do I need? How's the best way to train etc?
      • Audax - what is it? What's the best way to start?
      • Coverage of the 2003 CMWC in Seattle
      • A day in the life of a police bike unit e.g New York Police dept/Seattle/Vancouver
      • More bikes tested against each other
    • A brilliant magazine, very readable. Some of the best articles are about the bike shows and the bikes at them.
    • 1.1-1.4 - The magazine is good - I like all the contents and would like a lot more of it - but appreciate that more contents would mean it would cost more. It is very difficult to rate the individual items so I have not - but am renewing my sub so you must be doing a good job with the magazine.
    • Comments:
      1. Pre christmas page number expansion a good strategy
      2. Excellent punctuality re delivery (far superior to precursors)
      3. Bike shop/cafe/cake shop local recommendation feature articles occasionally home/abroad might be useful.
      4. I personally found the article about the Brompton in No. 8 a bit PR and dull even tho I'm a Brompton fan)
      5. Keep up the excellent standard!
  • Update November 2002 - here's a collection of one-liners I've been saving to a scrapbook whenever I remember. They come from private emails, mailing lists and letters. No names - no permission has been sought or given - if you recognise yourself and would like your words removed, just let me know.

    • Leeds, UK: P.S. I am so excited about the imminent arrival of the next VeloVision magazine I can hardly sleep - it's almost as exciting as christmas coming.
    • London, UK: I'm very much enjoying your interesting and beautifully produced magazine and I eagerly await the next issue...but for it to arrive you'll need my new address.
    • USA: anyway i'm looking forward to some good reading whatever comes down the pipe. thanks for putting out the absolute best cycling mag in the world!
    • London, UK: Thanks for your note. I have indeed received all my previous copies with much excitement and interest. Thanks for such a broad and fascinating mag. Very different from the usual high sport, competitive oriented cycling mag.
    • Manchester, UK: The magazines are as manna in the wilderness to the Israelites. Excellent reading and production values. And thanks for the prompt reply. It's amazing how many organisations have e-mail addresses for enquiries and yet apparently never read the incoming mail...
    • Canada: just received issues 6 & 7. so i'm a very happy camper. .. thanks again for taking care of my order and for publishing such a great magazine.
    • California, USA: I really enjoy your magazine, and I can't think of another publication that inspires me to read from cover to cover (including the adverts). Thanks, keep up the good work
    • London, UK: Nice to meet you (and subscribe !!) at the Islington show last month. I'd just like to say that I've had a good run through the back issues now and you are to be congratulated on a fine publication. You have more than ably filled the gap left by the demise of Bike Culture.
    • USA: The back issues I ordered via your web site, on the 9th, have been delivered. I found the transaction process to be easy and straight forward. You've done an excellent job of setting things up for the customer. I'm highly impressed with the Velovision issues as well.
    • USA: Kudos for your excellent magazine (Velovision). The contents keeps me abreast with all the emerging cycling technologies and gives me a direct insight into the European scene.
    • Germany: Thanks for the quick help! I wish you that you receive that award you´ve been nominated for, I would give you one for customer service, that´s for shure!
    • USA: Firstly, wanted to thank you for the effort you've put out in producing Velo Vision. I have all of the issues now, and am a current subscriber. As a recumbent enthusiast and rider (and overall bicycle enthusiast), I look forward to receiving the magazine and have greatly enjoyed the magazine's content (especially the human-interest stories to date. It's great to have an alternative publication to read again, since the demise of BCQ and Bycycle

  • Update 6 September 2001 - here's a collection of one-liners I've been saving to a scrapbook whenever I remember. They come from private emails, mailing lists and letters. No names - no permission has been sought or given - if you recognise yourself and would like your words removed, just let me know.

    • Germany: VELO VISION: A real pretty joy to study Your magazine again and again, each new edition seems to be better, more perfect and intresting than the one before, even if it seemed to be a "perfect" edition already. Thank you for the abo again ( I´ve learned a lot) and go on that way.
    • UK: I've got to say manifanxyews fer producin' such a wunnderful mag - t'was truly inspirational..
    • UK: Velovision 3, Well done Pete! Best one yet...
    • USA: This is a wonderful magazine and well worth subscribing to...
    • USA: Thanks a lot. I love your mag...
    • UK: Belated congratulations on getting Velo Vision off the ground (and much beyond!)...
    • USA: Just looking at your site some more... I love that workbike article you have on there from the Pedal Express guy...I really enjoy your site...
    • USA: Dear Peter, your second issue of Velo Vision was great...
    • Canada: Right on Peter! the mag is shaping up beautifully, great work...
    • USA: Just got and looked through your Issue #2, June 2001. What a beautiful piece of work you are producing...
    • USA: I am ecstatic to see the new VeloVision...
    • UK: I have received the specimen mag. It's great...
    • UK: Thought I'd get in early with the gushy congratulatory email. Well done, old bean & jolly good show...
    • UK: I am having a good response from this site. Keep up the excellent work...PS I will wait behind the letterbox!!!
    • Germany: Great magazine, sometimes I think it is even more interesting than BCQ...
    • USA: Peter, I spotted you down at Brighton last weekend, but didn't get chance to talk as you were busy. You certainly seemed to be enjoying yourself (like everyone else). Wasn't it great to see so many enthusiastic bicycle people? I enjoyed issue 2 of Velovision so I am pretty sure I will resusbcribe next year. Keep up the good work, and keep the website going, it's my primary source of bike news!
    • UK: Thanks for the magazines they look fascinating...
    • Canada: Great!! I love it! Keep up the excellent work!!!
    • USA: Nice mag! The cover of issue 2 is phantastic, though an outsider catching a glimpse of it might think it's a magazine about alien breeding or space propulsion...
    • UK: I have just received the first two copies of "Velo Vision"which I think is great. I was a subscriber to both "Bycycle" and "Bike Culture Quarterly" and it is good to have your magazine filling a gap in the market...
    • Holland: I am still enjoying the second issue of velovision... For the rest I just want to let you know that I will definitely will subscribe to Velo Vision (with Danny Siepman ofcourse). Keep up the good work, and I might try to write something for Velo Vision in the future...
    • UK: The magazine is very good. I like the way in which (on the evidence of 2 issues) it is shaped by the included material, rather than trying to squeeze everything into a rigid format or 'look'. The image on the front of issue 2 is very striking. I was never much of a fan of the slightly hippy covers of BCQ, being an unrepentant modernist! AND bang on time too! Keep up the good work...
    • Holland: For learning it is better to write this in english. And for learning is the Velovision very good too. I read the Velovision that you give me at the Cycle Vision almost 20 times, and every time i read it i onderstand more and more. So the Velovision is not alone very interesting, is not alone very good information, it is a good english lesson too. :-) And once at week i checking out for the Velovision-website, it is very interesting too. Last week i was looking for what you writing from the Spezi in Germersheim and looking al the pictures. It was great...
    • Germany: Great initiative to start a bike magazine that has a broad coverage...
    • UK: A small note to say that your small ads work: I found a camping tent and I sold a rain jacket!

  • From Jim Langley, former Technical Editor of Bicycling USA, on his website, July 2001:

    Online home of the new British magazine Velo Vision, which is truly a sight for sore eyes. It celebrates all of cycling and dares to be different with illustrated covers, in-depth features, a positive and friendly voice, lovely photography and just enough advertising. Best, perhaps, is its worldwide point of view focused on how pedaling can help save our planet.

  • From Graham Bretherick, private email quoted with permisssion, June 2001:


    I have recently sent off my subscription form and cheque for Velovision (after having bought editions 1 & 2 from you at the CTC rally last Saturday), but thought I would also drop you a line re my views on it.

    I just think that the whole publication has a very classy 'thinking person's cycle magazine' feel about it. It takes a very wide agenda - but astutely avoids duplicating material which the numerous (ubiquitous in some cases!) mainstream magazines focus on - which makes it very refreshing.

    Your own writing and reviews are, feel especially incisively written - though with discretion and sensitivity and a recognition of your own perspective, and a mature acknowledgement of where questions need to be asked rather than snap judgements made.

    Without wanting to dwell on the past, I feel you have taken on the baton from BCQ (in which your editorial skills were also very evident) and deserve to succeed, with such a high quality, attractive publication.

    To be honest, my only concern, reading the magazine, is in relation to the consequent workload, travel demands and high expectations that are bound to fall on you - so take care and look after yourself (so that there can be pleanty of Velovisons to look forward to in the future!) I do appreciate that this is a challenging venture, and your own comittment and vision come through very strongly (without, I should add any sense of preaching or proselytizing) - but I can imagine how tough the job is and how much of a personal investment it must have been for you.

    I'm just very pleased you've done it and want to wish you all the very best of luck with it.

    Graham Bretherick
    Saracen Tetratrax ATB
    Raleigh Randonneur Tourer)
    Commuter, utility, recreational and touring cyclist

  • From Nancy Sanford, and, private email quoted with permission, June 2001

    After a rough day, it was just the ticket to find the new VeloVision waiting for me. I'm not going to keep writing to you after every issue to give you what I hope will be continued success, but I was not only pleased that I had something to unwind with, but I enjoyed my evening with it.

    Congratulations, and thanks,
    Pedal Power - the pace for the human race.

  • Review in A to B Magazine, April/May 2001:

    Velo Vision

    Every cloud has a silver lining, eh? Open Road collapses causing widespread gloom, despondency and empty wallets, but as the staff disperse, Dan Joyce gets to administer some much needed Viagra to the CTC's wilting organ and Peter Eland publishes his own magazine - Velo Vision.

    In some ways, Velo Vision slips quietly and unobtrusively into the shoes left vacant by Open Road's Bike Culture magazine, which isn't surprising because Peter edited that, too.

    Do we like it? Well of course we like it. How could we not like it? Velo Vision is far from being a BCQ clone - like its predecessor, it's attractive, intelligent and thought-provoking, but where BCQ was sometimes criticised for being short on practicality, Velo Vision seems less idealistic. Peter takes advertising, picking up the stinkers who failed to come over to A to B when Open Road plummetted (the rats!). Practical content seems good too, with detailed reports on the Birdy Red folder and the Lightspin dynamo, besides all the usual 'Open Road' fare - bendy wire bicycle models, cycle art in San Francisco, John Stuart Clark meeting potters in Hungary, etc.

    A downside? Price, unfortunately. A tiny print run, limited advertising, colour printing... The figures will only add up if the punters cough up a fair old whack. In this case, an annual subscription fo four issues costs £24 in the UK, or the equivalent of more than $50 in the States. But we suspect there's enough goodwill from a hardcore of cycle enthusiasts to keep the show on the road. For recumbent ownewrs, manufacturers and retailers in particular, there's really nowhere else to go.

    In some ways, this is the route Open Road should have followed: more specialist (Velo Vision readers will be joining a pretty exclusive club), necessarily more expensive, but without all the business-speak, self-promotion and global pretensions that brought the publishing house down. We wish Peter all the best, even if he does steal a few of our subscribers (the swine!). And for those driven to despair by Open Road's lax publishing regime, the first issue was on time, and Peter has risked printing a schedule for the rest of the year. That's something we wouldn't dare do.

  • From Rudi Jenner, private email quoted with permission

    Hi Peter,

    Long-awaited Velo Vision #1 finally arrived March 12th.. A rainy day, so I had time enough to have to find out that there is nearly everything in it I expected.

    An eye-catching cover, joie de vivre on page 2, melancholy on page 4, workbikes, folders.... A well-balanced mixture with nice photos. Velo Vision also evokes that "big family" feeling created by 20 BCQs. There is that 'deja vu' experience concerning people, cycles and layout, although VV is something new and different. An excellent bit of cycling journalism that contains exotic and down-to-earth elements and, I presume, a lot of Peter Eland. That first issue makes you really keen on getting the second.

    Happy Cycling

    Rudi Jenner (Germany)

  • From Ross Lowell on the Metro Area Recumbent Society mailing list
    (Ross declares an interest - his film 'The Wind in My Soul' is reviewed in issue 1)

    I knew Velo Vision would be very good. Hoped it would be excellent. Issue # One, however, is outstanding. As an on-time, boot-strap operation, it's nothing short of miraculous.

    It's difficult to choose what I consider the best: the way VV is organized -- logically; the layout and design -- beautiful.; the cycling philosophy -- wise and inspiring; the style of writing and choice of subjects -- splendid; or what I believe your ongoing Vision will do for the international Velo movement -- expand the contributions already made by its predecessor, Open Road.

    But, while BCQ may have been a bit light on USA coverage, there was no need to make all amends in the first issue ;-).


    Ross Lowell

  • From Tim McNamara on the guestbook

    From:: Tim McNamara (
    Date:: Thu 15 Mar 2001 at 00:28:22

    I received the first issue yesterday and I must say that it is wonderful! Peter, you have pulled off an excellent first issue. Congratulations!

  • From Ian Humphries on the mailing list

    Message: 6
    Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2001 13:58:16 +1000
    From: Ian Humphries

    ....And yesterday I read a friend's copy of Peter Eland's first edition of "Velo Vision". It is not surprising that Peter's publication is truly visionary and beautiful and full of wonderous articles..... Peter owns a trike among his other useful HPVs ;-). (Hi Peter, I intend to subscribe myself through Greenspeed's mail-order service!)

  • From Simon Levermore, private email quoted with permission:

    Pete / Brian

    Excellent work on the first edition of Velo Vision. To my mind it combines the best of BCQ's editorial style with a fresher, more open feel in both design and content. I'm enjoying it tremendously and have passed my spare copy onto to a circle of like-minded bods - some of whom I'm sure will want to subscribe.

    Lots of great pics and lots of open space make for a very comfortable read. Well done.

    Best wishes for more of the same or even better.

    Simon Levermore

  • From Ian Feldman on the mailing list:

    Message: 3
    Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2001 11:33:14 +0100
    From: ____HPVert Alert____
    Subject: Re: [hpv] velovision, issue one.

    (thread moved from [trikes])

    2 copies of VeloVision arrived yesterday in Stockholm, Sweden, mall envelope seams double-taped-style -- by the very Editor-In-Chief, I presume!


    Well done, Peter, may you survive and prosper.

    I'll read it closely and perhaps comment on few other items in the following days, but for now hasten to report on what seems to be the VeloVision-y equivalent to a Page-3 girl, that "Cycle as you work" news item + picture on page 5.

    Since I actually am in the market for such an "I-Desk multi-function epoch-making" up-and-down desk, cycling-going-thru-the-motions-unit optional, but welcome, I made some inquiries as to the cost of it. Manufacturer's website abstains from mentioning any price, an omen as bad as they come. Nor is it to be found anywhere else on the web that I could see...

    So I wrote the company, and now received this reply:

    > The Price varies from country to country. In Denmark
    > is run approx $4.200 in Holland $ 5.800 and Germany
    > $ 5.500 with the bike device.

    Given that similar electric-driven tables cost here from US$1000 --already that an overprice for what basically is an OEM, usually Japanese, self-contained electric motor with linear drive inside an extruded aluminum pedestal, cheap technologies all-- that's the end of interest for me. Perhaps it also explains why this very nice bike-friendly office desk hasn't made the inroads its makers hope for... if you price yourself out of the market, the market will look elsewhere. As I said in another context there may indeed be suckers born every day, but I'm not one of them...

    __Ian, "not Sims", a market force to be reckoned with.

  • From Carl Etnier on the mailing list:

    Date sent: Tue, 13 Mar 2001 10:32:28 +0200
    From: Carl Etnier
    Subject: velo-vision 1
    Just a quick addition to the chorus of praise for Velo-Vision (

    *It's on time!

    *It's beautiful! Reminiscent of BCQ in layout, with lots of lovely pictures, color and B&W. This one has ads, but they only add to its value. They're in the end, and they're interesting.

    *It's useful! Rob Hague and Tim Kirk review the LightSpin in this issue. I thought I was pretty well-informed on the Lightspin, but Velo-Vision publish a response from the manufacturer that inspired me to contact Zach about using a different rear tire on the Micro I'm ordering, to avoid generator slippage.

    *It's funny! My fiancée found my stash of 1970s Doonesbury [1] books last night, but I was laughing out loud at least as much as she was while I read Mark Stonich's description of the very informal World Championships in ice biking. (Evidence of informality: In 1999, a 9-year-old skater on the same lake came over to see what was going on. He ended up placing fifth in the drag races.)

    *It's inspiring! A story about a bike cargo service in Berkeley showed some impressive loads, especially considering Bay Area relief. Great to read about people both making money and replacing delivery trucks while cycling.

    *It's promo savvy! I got two copies and a bunch of flyers, along with a request to share the spare copy and the flyers with a like-minded friend, a library, etc.

    *Did I mention it's on time?

    Great work, Peter!


    [1] A very popular US comic strip that I've never seen in any other country's newspapers, probably because its frequent political comments are too US-centered to be appreciated by furriners.
    A kinetic Yankee in King Harald's port (Oslo, Norway)

  • From Bob, Redmount HPV, on the mailing list

    From: ""
    Copies to:
    Subject: velovision, issue one.
    Date sent: Sat, 10 Mar 2001 21:11:02 -0000

    I have just put down issue one of VeloVision. Well done Mr Eland, well laid out, well written, a refreshing lack of adverts.
    If you appreciate Cycle Culture, subscribe now.

  • From Dave Warnock on the mailing list

    Date sent: Mon, 12 Mar 2001 10:27:03 +0000
    From: Dave Warnock
    Copies to:
    Subject: Re: [trikes] velovision, issue one.


    Just to echo your comments. I have read my copy from front to back twice now. Great job Peter!


    > I have just put down issue one of VeloVision. Well done Mr Eland, well laid
    > out, well written, a refreshing lack of adverts.
    > If you appreciate Cycle Culture, subscribe now.
    > Bob.
    > Redmount-HPV.

  • From Trevor Godfrey on the guestbook

    From:: Trevor Godfrey (
    Date:: Mon 12 Mar 2001 at 21:24:12
    I have just pounced on issue 1, eager to see what this new mag. is like and whether it really is as good as Simon the webmaster has been telling me. YES IT IS! Even flipping through the pages I can see that there is much good reading ahead. Congratulations, I think you've cracked it.

  • From David Black on the guestbook

    From:: david black (

    Date:: Sat 10 Mar 2001 at 12:08:38
    Hi Peter
    got my copy of No1 this morning, and read it straight thru. Well done an good read and nicely put together, my compliments to you all. My only (mild) criticism would be that I would have liked a slightly heavier weight of front cover, but I realise that this is probably financial, maybe you can beef it up for issue 10.
    best wishes for a long and viable comic.

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