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A full online edition of the magazine is now available via Exact Editions - read Issue 32 online as a free sample!

Posted by Peter Eland on Monday 17 Jan 2011

Following the example of our friends at A to B, Velo Vision has joined Exact Editions to offer an online subscription service.

I've had various requests over the years, particularly from overseas readers, for a 'paperless' version of the magazine, mostly on ecological grounds. I've resisted so far, as I've never been completely happy about just sending out full issue PDFs, and also I was concerned that offering a digital copy might erode print sales. As print costs are almost all about set-up and don't reduce much as you print fewer copies, keeping paper sales up is vital for the economics of the business.

However, the Exact Editions system seems to offer a good solution, as you'll see below. I'm hoping that having an online edition available will be a useful convenience and addition for existing print subscribers, as well as being a way into the magazine for new readers and for those who are trying to cut down on paper publications.

Click to visit the digital edition!

Exact page

How it works

- Exact Editions produce a digital version of the magazine from the same PDF files which we send to our printer. Layout is identical, and in addition their software automatically detects (almost all) website links mentioned in the text and makes them 'live', so you can simply click through to the sites mentioned. The text is also fully searchable.

- This means that the digital online version will be available a few days before the print mag is out. Overseas readers in particular will get to read the latest issue much sooner than they can on paper.

- Subscribers can access the online editions from any web browser anywhere in the world. An online subscription also get you access to our full back issue collection, from Issue 1 onwards. Your access to back issues persists as long as you remain a subscriber.

- You can even save complete issues as PDF files for offline reading. Image quality is fairly low, but acceptable I think.

- This is all explained in much more detail on the Exact Editions website.


- You can subscribe to just the online edition (via Exact Editions) for £20, or take out a joint subscription to both print and digital magazines via the Velo Vision online shop.

You will note that the online edition price isn't that much less than the print edition. That's partly to protect print sales, and partly also to reflect the extra content included in the various back issues which you get when you subscribe. But for print subscribers, I've made the online edition available at relatively little extra cost to encourage those who like the idea to choose both.

- If you're an existing print subscriber who would like to convert to a combined print-digital subscription, then I'd suggest you wait until your print subscription runs out, then take out a combined subscription when you renew. At this stage, I don't think our systems will handle 'out of synch' print and digital subs. If you can't wait, just take out a 'pure' digital sub at Exact Editions, and they'll handle renewals in due course.
- When you subscribe to the digital edition you'll receive an email from Exact Editions detailing how to log in and access the various issues of the magazine.

- The same applies to joint print-digital subscriptions taken out via the Velo Vision online shop, but in this case you'll get the email as soon as I process the order, which could be a few days, or more if I'm away. If there's likely to be any significant delay there'll be a note on the website front page.


Well, fingers crossed this works out. It feels like a bit of a leap of faith putting so much of Velo Vision onto the web, but it's the way of the future, no doubt. As ever, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Click here to visit the digital edition!

Posted by Jack Dekker ( on Thursday 8 Feb 2007

do not be afraid, the digital times are here and internet seems to be the future. I have made a newsitem on the website of the dutch human vehicles club
Maybe you even get some extra readers, and otherwise you have made some people happy to read your wounderful reports again.

Jack, editor of and chairman of Cycle Vision

Posted by Mary Arneson (staying@theWatergate!) on Friday 9 Feb 2007
This looks really nice, and it might solve my problem of having to wait a month to see what everyone else is discussing. On the other hand, it is nice to have an excuse to drop in to Calhoun Cycle on the way home, to see if the latest issue of VeloVision has finally gotten in.

Posted by Abdul Aleem ( on Thursday 15 Feb 2007

I believe you have taken a bold step forwards, I am sure that velosision will only grow by leaps and bounds now that you have created such an efficient and convinient method of browsing the magazine. I wish you he best of luck.

Abdul Aleem,
Joint CEO,
KB Velo.

Posted by Richard Wilson ( on Thursday 1 Mar 2007
Hi Peter,
We here in Portland, Oregon are thrilled to have a digital version available and I believe it will help expand your circulation to those of us who are glued to their computers for most of the day - now I can read VeloVision at work! I find the searchability of the format tremendously useful and the print quality and versatility of the pdf files very nice. Just added a post to my Bakfiets blog to encourage others to subscribe.

Richard Wilson

Posted by D McClellan ( on Friday 23 Mar 2007
Great for the overseas readers, but I still like to read mine in bed.

Posted by Lou Parsons ( on Thursday 14 Jun 2007
I'll wait until my print sub runs out, then re-new with both print and PDF. I want to read the new edition NOW, but I also want to lay in the bathtub and read back issues...

Posted by Kevin Pfeiffer (velovision[at] on Monday 7 Jan 2008
Might be something for me, but I am not impressed with the implementation so far. I can't get the page width to match my screen (single-page is far too wide). And one is stuck with very limited navigation system (due to using a web browser). Take a look at The Complete New Yorker ( for something much more user-friendly.

Posted by Andrew ( on Wednesday 11 Jun 2008
Brilliant. All the news without the storage problems. I shall now let my paper sub lapse in September.

Posted by Peter (peter at VeloVision) on Tuesday 24 Jun 2008
Until I get round to updating the text, just a note to mention that ALL BACK ISSUES FROM ISSUE 1 are now available via the digital edition. So you can read (and keyword search) the full content since we started!

Posted by Peter (peter at vv) on Thursday 5 Mar 2009
And another update from Exact:

1. Users can now search every issue of every title in the store. A search will bring up search results and fragments of pages. No full view pages unles in free trial issues.
2. Users can browse all the content, but only at thumbnail size. If any publisher chooses not to allow archival searching and thumbnail previews, this can be accommodated.
3. Contents pages and front covers can be zoomed up to full size.
4. The text of covers and contents pages will get pulled into search engines (Google and others).
5. Existing "full" trial issues are undisturbed, and still feature on the magazine's marketing page.
6. The grid of all issue covers on the marketing pages are now live click-throughs to the thumbnail previews.

In addition, subscribers can now download complete issues as PDFs!

Posted by Adam ( on Tuesday 24 Mar 2009
I like the idea of the online subscription, but it's price is much too high. The reason of protecting print sales makes little sense to me. This is because money coming in is money coming in. If you keep the same profit margin, then there is no loss to for having an online subscriber. I don't expect velo vision to have a smaller profit margin for online, but I also am not willing to pay practically the same price and not get a physical product.


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