Velo Vision and Electric Bike publisher announces retirement: Velo Vision to continue with new owner, Electric Bike seeks buyer.

Peter Eland of Velo Vision Ltd, publisher of the two titles Velo Vision and Electric Bike Magazine, has announced his impending retirement from publishing, and the sale of Velo Vision to new editor/publisher Howard Yeomans.

Posted by Peter Eland on Thursday 5 Feb 2015

Velo Vision has been published since 2001 as a premium subscription magazine with an international reader base, and it covers specialist cycles beyond the mainstream including tandems, cargo bikes, folders, family transport, recumbents and all abilities cycling. The latest edition, Issue 48, has just been published.

With this issue, we are pleased to announce that the title has now been sold to a former reader with a background in aerospace engineering, Howard Yeomans. You'll see him on the inside front cover of Issue 48, and he's also contributed a good number of the articles in this issue.

Howard Yeomans test-riding the AZUB Tricon trike for Velo Vision 48. Photo: Peter Eland
Howard Yeomans test-riding the AZUB Tricon trike for Velo Vision 48

Howard is a long-term Velo Vision reader with an aerospace engineering background whose mobile bike repair service 'Bikes Made Good' we featured on the cover of Issue 41 and in this article.

Howard on the cover of Velo Vision 41. Photo: Peter Eland
Howard on the cover of Velo Vision 41

He's also a very capable photographer and has a passionate personal interest in all of the types of bikes we cover: he races recumbents with the BHPC, owns cargo, tandem and folding bikes and uses bikes for almost all of his transport. He is also a family man and may well be able to develop that side of the magazine further than I (still child free :-) could!

There will be a gradual handover through to Issue 50 (Issue 48 is now the current issue), and the magazine will continue indefinitely under its new ownership.

Peter Eland said: "I'm delighted to be passing Velo Vision into such capable hands with Howard, and I can't wait to see where he takes it with his fresh energy and new perspective. It's been a privilege producing the magazine, and working with the many passionate and lovely people in the specialist bike industry. But after two decades in magazines it is time for a change, to recharge my cycling batteries, and to maybe take on a new challenge."

Howard Yeomans said: "I am very excited to have this opportunity to become editor and publisher of Velo Vision. As a long-term reader of the magazine, I salute what Peter has achieved over the last 14 years in 48 issues of Velo Vision, and the consistently high quality of his output. I intend to match that high standard, to continue the tried and tested Velo Vision format and to listen closely to reader feedback before making any evolutionary changes. I'm looking forward to working closely with Peter over the next few issues to ensure it's a seamless handover."

Electric Bike seeks new owner

Electric Bike Issue 9 cover
Electric Bike Issue 9

Electric Bike was first published in 2010, and is a free distribution magazine, in print and online (although there are also paid subscribers who receive the magazine by post). It has provided a vital communication channel for the fast-developing electric bike industry in the UK, with high production values, authoritative reviews and print distribution which reaches even non web users.

In the run-up to his retirement the publisher has been attempting to find a new owner for Electric Bike. Despite considerable interest, and goodwill from within the industry to see the magazine continue, no potential purchaser has to date followed through to take on the title. If no purchaser is found before the publication of Issue 10 in late March 2015, publication will cease, although the website will continue to be maintained for some time.

Peter Eland said: "I do hope someone will want to take on Electric Bike. The UK's electric bike industry is still on the small side to maintain its own dedicated magazine, but it's an exciting time from both a technical and business point of view, and the industry has been wonderful in its support of the magazine. Electric Bike has been (modestly) profitable from the very first issue, and some of the larger companies have told me that they would be willing if necessary to commit significant finance to ensure continuity of the publication. All that is required is a credible new publisher and editor. If you could be that person, please get in touch! Meanwhile, I'm looking forward to making Electric Bike Issue 10 a cracker: there are some really exciting e-bikes coming through for 2015."

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Howard Yeomans:

Posted by zoxed on Thursday 5 Feb 2015
Thanks Pete for all the hard work you've put in over the years, good luck in any future ventures and welcome to Howard! Simon

Posted by John Turvey on Thursday 5 Feb 2015
Good news that Velo Vision is to continue (my sub has just about ran out - I think Issue 48 is my last, so now I can renew for another year) (assuming Peter is passing on part subs to Howard)

Am looking forward to many more years of Velo Vision.

Hope Peter finds something interesting to do after he is no longer a publisher.

John Turvey

Posted by Geoff on Thursday 12 Feb 2015
Excellent news! I first bought Velovision early in it's life, around issue 6 or 7 IIRC and promptly bought the back catalogue. Apart from being responsible for my spending more money than my wife thinks reasonable and my getting a few articles into the magazine, it has inspired, encouraged and entertained me over the years. I look forward to many more years of reading VV.


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