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New book by Peter Eland: Practical Bike Buyer's Guide

We've teamed up with Snowbooks of London to produce a beginner-friendly guide to practical cycling, and the innovative bikes, components and techniques which make riding for transport a pleasure. Read on for a contents summary, sample pages, and more!

Posted by Peter Eland on Thursday 30 Jul 2009

PBBG Cover

The Practical Bike Buyer's Guide came about as part of a series of cycling books edited by Richard Ballantine (of City Cycling and Richard's Bicycle Book fame) and published by Snowbooks of London.

The idea of the book is provide a beginner-friendly guide to all of the bikes, accessories and techniques which make practical cycling a pleasure. So it's a guide to all of the sorts of bikes and cycling which we cover in Velo Vision...

The book grew out of the 'Velo Vision Buyer's Guides' which we published in Issues 8 to 25 of the magazine, each covering a different type of bike or component. These were of course all re-written and updated for the book.

The Practical Bike Buyer's Guide will be especially useful, I think, to people who may have recently discovered the magazine but who feel Velo Vision assumes rather a lot in terms of background knowledge. This book covers all the basics, discussing the pros and cons of all sorts of different cycling solutions to various transport needs, and taking a practical look at the basics of important systems such as brakes and gearing. For each type of bike, for example folding bikes or workbikes, the various models available on the UK market are shown and described, with contact details and approximate prices.

Because the book is on sale (initially at least) mainly in the UK, we've biased the actual buying advice to UK sources, and given UK prices and contact details. But significant machines or components without official distribution in the UK are included too.

PBBG Cover on issuu

The full contents page and a sample chapter are available free online at Issuu:


Most cycling buyer's guides stick to the mainstream options of racer, tourer, MTB or city bike. PBBG goes beyond that for people who want to do more by bike. Topics include:

- Folding bikes for easy travel and storage
- Family bikes for tandem togetherness and/or child transport
- Workbikes for carrying large loads
- Special needs bikes which offer mobility to riders of all abilities
- Urban bikes for reliable, thief-resistant transport
- Touring bikes for amazing journeys
- Recumbents for fun and comfort over any distance

The Practical Bike Buyer's Guide measures 196 x 136 x 20mm, has 232 full colour pages, and is a paperback. Recommended retail price in the UK is £11.99.

The book should be available through all good bookshops - if it's not in stock, they can order it (ISBN13: 9781905005857). It's also available through online resellers. You can also buy it direct from us at Velo Vision - this is particularly appreciated for financial reasons :-) I hope you enjoy the read!

PBBG Cover

Posted by Seamus on Monday 3 Aug 2009
the touring chapeter, you mentoion the Ian Hibbel nad the Crane brothers.

The Crane cousins not brothers.

Richard Crane and his brother Ardrian ran the Himalayas.

Richard Crane and cousin Nicholas Crane did,
\"Bicycles Up Kilimanjaro,\"
\"Journey to the Centre of the Earth.\"

Posted by peter on Tuesday 4 Aug 2009
Damn, I knew there must be a mistake in there somewhere.

Trust you to spot it :-)


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