Recumbent raincoat released

ICE start sales of the Freestyle recumbent-specific Goretex jacket reviewed in issue 15...

Posted by Peter Eland on Monday 14 Nov 2005

Jacket Recumbent makers ICE have been working for some time with cycle clothing makers Freestyle Sports to develop a recumbent-specific waterproof jacket. As the water hits you in rather different directions when you're seated, as opposed to upright, it makes sense to design the jacket to suit. We tested an earlier model back in Issue 15. Unfortunately, production took a while to actually get going, despite a number of readers chomping at the bit to buy one. They've also made a few changes since the jacket I tested, principally the large reflective areas visible from behind. Finally, ICE have it available and there are more pics, plus a long list of features, on their website: Price is £165 inc VAT, not out of order for a Goretex jacket these days...

Posted by Arch (@KM) on Wednesday 2 Aug 2006
Oh, rats, I thought it might be something to put on my Christmas list, but it's a bit too much...

Nice though.

Posted by Becky (@ the usual address) on Wednesday 2 Aug 2006
I want one! Where can I try the different sizes on, now that my LBS - Freestyle stockist for many years - is no longer a stockist?


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