2015 York Rally, 20-21st June, to feature Pedal Power Invention Convention!

Channeling the spirit of the much missed Cyclefests, the Convention is for any out-of-the-ordinary bike or cycle creation. This could be the UK's greatest ever gathering of cycle creativity...

Posted by Peter Eland on Saturday 24 Jan 2015

Cyclefest is back! VeloVisionaries with long memories will remember fondly these gatherings in Lancaster for all fans of cycles beyond the ordinary - the last few of which coincided with the early years of Velo Vision. See our reports on Cyclefest 2002 and Cyclefest 2004 for a flavour...

Now we're bringing the spirit of that event to the relaunched, volunteer-organised York Rally!

The 2015 Rally has a major new attraction coming up - the Pedal Power Invention Convention! Pedal powered generators, sound systems, power tools, cargo bikes, DIY creations, artbikes and more.

Organised by a local artist, the Convention promises to be the biggest and best gathering of unusual cycles, pedal powered machines, human powered sound systems and cinemas, DIY recumbents, custom cycle choppers and artbikes the UK has ever seen. We do not yet know how big it will be, but we have the whole of the huge Knavesmire to host it, and the more the merrier!

There's camping on site, a bar, and much else besides. If that isn't enough for a fun weekend, I don't know what is!

Check it out on the York Rally website!

Invention Convention

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