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We've locked down the forum for archiving - the final transfer to the new site starts shortly. Watch www.facebook.com/VeloVisionMagazine for updates...

Posted by Peter Eland on Sunday 22 Mar 2015

Update Sunday 22nd
We thought the transfer would be complete by now, but we've hit some snags and hope it'll now go through on Monday or shortly after. Meanwhile, the forum is still frozen but the online shop remains active, and email is also all working. Please watch our Facebook page for the latest updates!

It's been a fine fifteen years since our very first story here at Velo Vision but it is now time to say farewell to this incarnation of the website - it's done good service thanks to programmer Simon's robust code, but as part of the transition to a new owner, the time is right to move it to a more modern platform.

The new editor, Howard Yeomans, has developed a lovely new site, retaining the key features of this one, which you can preview here.

Nor will this site, and your many contributions in the form of comments and forum posts, be lost. We're archiving the whole site using a web crawler, and it'll be hosted as a static, read-only archive on the new site very shortly. So, for example, the many deeply felt comments on our late friend Rob Brock's obituary will remain online.

We're now ready to start the final stage of transferring this website over to the new one, which is now up and running, temporarily, on www.velovision.co.uk. That site will be moving to www.velovision.com, where you are now, very shortly.

This site's current forum is already read-only. I will be archiving the whole site using a web crawler (which is an overnight job!) and this 'frozen in time' version, complete with all forum postings, comments and stories, will be available via the new site very shortly.

Then, from tomorrow 12PM (midday on Thursday the 19th March), the transfer process will start. The site may well disappear for a time - please check our Facebook page for any updates. But we hope the process will be complete by Friday.

You can already register on the new forum at www.velovision.co.uk and post messages, small ads etc. If you have a small ad running on this current site, and would like it to continue, you'll need to re-post it over there on the new site. You can do this either before (with the new site on .co.uk) or after (on .com) the final transfer.

Thanks again for bearing with us during this handover process, and for all of your participation, be it as a reader, a commenter or a forum member, over the first fifteen years of Velo Vision!

Peter Eland

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