Holiday closing - 10th to 26th October

The Velo Vision office will be closed from tomorrow as I change over computer systems then take a short break...

Posted by Peter Eland on Thursday 9 Oct 2014

The Velo Vision office will be closed for the next two weeks as I take a short break. This might even involve some cycling!

I'll actually be in the office tomorrow (Friday the 10th), but may well be offline for a little while, and letting the answermachine handle phone calls, as I try not to make any mistakes shifting all of my data (over a Tb) and software over to a new machine and getting it back to how I like it.

Please do continue to send in renewals, place orders online etc. I'll be back on the 27th, and will try to catch up with all orders and correspondence ASAP thereafter!

If there's anything urgent, please send an email (peter ~at~ as I'll be checking this fairly regularly.

Until then, happy cycling!

Posted by seamus on Tuesday 28 Oct 2014
wher did you go to on the holiday?

wa it a cyhcomg holiday?


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