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Back to back recumbent tandem in the UK? (1 reply and 2 comments)

3 years ago
flatlander 3 years ago

I had the pleasure of riding a Micwic back to back recumbent tandem some years ago and at the time thought how perfect it would be for doing photo-shoots of cyclists.

I am now looking to commission some video and still photography for Bikeability and wondered if anyone knows of a back-to-back tandem anywhere in the UK and if I could persuade the owner to rent or lend it for this purpose. I've seen several at shows in Europe but none since in the UK.

Any ideas?


3 years ago
Howard 3 years ago

Good luck finding one in the UK, they are certainly rare beasts!

Altena Bike can do rentals of their Janus, see:

If the bike isn't to be ridden at speed on really long rides, then you will find photography from a cargo bike even easier than a B2B, without the hassle of cranks and legs obscuring the view. Always some added versatility with a the cargo bike, the photographer could cycle their own bike part of the ride perhaps. Electric assist on the cargo bike will boost it up to the speed of a swift solo–depends on the ride pace.

2 years ago

Going to Holland next week to ride the Janus. Do you need some video or pics?

2 years ago

If you want to borrow a cargo quad cycle for filming work sometime let mew know. I have one in the garage that I have been rebuilding over the years.

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