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Electric Bikes (2 replies)

JB Oli
3 years ago
JB Oli 3 years ago

Hi all,

Oli at Eco Republic here. We're the main stockist of Juicy Bikes: electric bikes enabling cyclists to conquer the hills, travel further and experience more.

Experienced cyclists are often sceptical of electric bikes, worried that they'll be accused of "cheating" or that they simply won't get the exercise they want/need. The latter is a total myth - the controller on our electric bikes allows the rider to vary the level of pedal assistance as they ride, and the result is more ground covered and exercise gained on the rider's own terms. Whether or not this amounts to cheating is debatable, but if an avid cyclist, perhaps through illness, no longer has the strength/stamina to go the distance on their old bike, an electric bike could be the ideal way of getting back out on the trails and enjoying themselves again!

Please pop over to our website or even give us a call on 01298 214040 if you'd like to know more!

3 years ago
Howard 3 years ago

Here at Velo Vision, we are entirely open to the idea of electric assistance, for the reasons you already highlighted. Velo Vision is primarily concerned with advancements in cycle technology, so where electric equipment is itself developing there is scope for further investigation. While electric bike technology continues to makes small advances, no matter how popular electric bikes become, they will never become a mainstay of the magazine. However, when taking into account how the whole package works as a system – bike plus electric – there is more scope for originality, for example, the application of electric assist to cargo and recumbent cycles.
Howard Yeomans.

Ian Thomas
3 years ago
Ian Thomas 3 years ago

No use to us here in Hong Kong. If you go across the border into mainland China, especially in Shanghai and Beijing, you stand a good chance of being mown down by swarms of leccy bicycles as you cross the road. However, in Hong Kong the Transport Department considers that anything with a motor, leccy or infernal combustion, is a motorcycle. That means registration, licence plate, insurance and protective helmet. That is if you could even persuade the TD to register an electric bicycle in the first place. We have an inane slogan in Hong Kong: 'Asia's World City'. Not where leccy bicycles are concerned it ain't! Having said that, I q always interested in seeing what technological advances are available in more advanced parts of the bicycling world.

Ian Thomas.

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