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Spezi (2 replies)

3 years ago
3wheelsgood 3 years ago

Is there anyone out there going to Spezi ( from UK who would be able to offer a lift? Glad to share petrol/diesel costs. Thanks.

Peter Eland
3 years ago
Peter Eland 3 years ago

Howard and I are both going but in the end we decided to fly Manchester to Frankfurt and get the train from there. Looked into driving (and also trains all the way) but both time and money ended up being a lot more. Good luck finding a lift!

3 years ago
Becky 3 years ago

I saw this interesting new folding bike in one of Jan Beeldrijk's photographs from Spezi:

It's called the Weelin, and looks like a slimmed down GoCycle with a sort of Pacific Cycles/Mark Sanders swivelliness to the frame, though that might an illusion from how the handlebars fold up.

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