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Wanted - Culty Trike Recumbent (1 reply)

5 years ago
Crazyhorse 5 years ago

Is there anybody out there who has, or who knows someone who has, a Culty Trike Recumbent for sale. It's a delta trike, with front wheel drive and is a leaning trike. I have it on fairly good authority that only 2 were imported into this country, but more might of slipped through the net! I know about the recent one (May) in Los Angeles that was up for sale, but the guy was not going to ship it and only wanted to deal face to face!!. I'd posted a request over a year ago, which Howard very kindly helped out with, namely were Culty still exhibiting at Spezi (they weren't). It's possible that this trike fits my needs and I'd welcome the news if anyone can help.

4 years ago
johnstol 4 years ago

I had a Culty for a few years, but the frame cracked because the bolt holding the front suspension elastomer was hitting the frame. Apparently the elastomer had softened over the space of ten years. I have an illustrated 'Culty diary' document which I can mail to you, if you are interested. (john46stolATgmailDOTcom)

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