"Issue 39 has to be the best yet. Your photography is superb. Your engineering info is right up there. I recommended it immediately to a student group that appealed to me for advice...", David Gordon Wilson, Professor Emeritus of Mechanical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, quoted with permission.

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[i] Hase Bikes celebrate 20 years of cycle-making
Congratulations to the German makers of recumbents, tandems, special-needs adaptations and more...
Posted on Tuesday 4 Mar 2014

[i] The Bickerton is back!
Mark Bickerton revives his father's folding bike brand - with some considerably more rigid bikes!
Posted on Friday 14 Feb 2014
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[i] Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Season's best wishes to all of our readers as we sign off for the Christmas break...
Posted on Friday 20 Dec 2013

[i] The SPEZI trip is back! Book now for the Velo Vision coach tour 2014...
Next year we're once again running our unique rock band tour bus trip to the SPEZI show in Germany - read on for all the details and how to book a space.
Posted on Wednesday 27 Nov 2013
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[i] Coming up in Velo Vision 46!
The next issue goes off to print on Thursday - read on for a preview of what's inside! We have cargobikes galore, all abilities triking, recumbent and tandem reviews, and an eclectic set of readers' bikes...
Posted on Tuesday 26 Nov 2013
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[i] Product updates galore from Terracycle
The US recumbent accessory and mount specialist has come up with six new or refined products - with more to come...
Posted on Wednesday 23 Oct 2013

[i] Yorkshire Bicycle Show: photo report!
A first look at the Northern handmade bike show in the magnificent Leeds Town Hall...
Posted on Friday 20 Sep 2013

[i] PoderosaCycles from Italy launch a new recumbent trike!
A unique frame design and an emphasis on comfort and style give this trike a distinctive character: click on for pictures...
Posted on Thursday 15 Aug 2013

[i] Blue ICE T stolen last night in Lancaster
Keep your eyes peeled for this recumbent trike, whose elderly owner is now without his transport...
Posted on Friday 26 Jul 2013
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[i] Issue 45 is at the printers now!
The digital issue will be up any moment, too. Read on for a cover and contents preview...
Posted on Thursday 11 Jul 2013
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[i] Coming up in Issue 45...
Here's a preview of what's coming up in next issue, including three recumbent trike reviews, show reports and much more!
Posted on Friday 31 May 2013
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[i] RIP, Richard Ballantine
The inspiring author of Richard's Bicycle Book and driving force in the human powered vehicle movement, Richard Ballantine, passed away yesterday.
Posted on Thursday 30 May 2013
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