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News of load carrying developments, heritage-while-you-cycle, bike repairs on the street and great news from Cyclemagic.

Posted by Peter Eland on Monday 13 Jun 2011

Sue Archer writes:

Trailers for every purpose
When you add a trailer to your stable, cycling becomes so much more than personal transport. Loads that previously required a car can be carried, extending your ability to shop, or take rubbish to the tip, or even camp. Of course there are plenty of trailers for sale, but if you're handy at DIY, why not have a look at Tony's Trailers and his DIY section where you can find a link to his YouTube channel. Here you'll find a 9 part tutorial in building a trailer from old bits of bike and a shopping trolley. Even if you can't get hold of a trolley, the videos give handy hints on measuring and postioning parts, and how to make the most of an old bike frame in your construction.

If you're interested in helping a manufacturer get his design up and running, have a look on Kickstarter at the MOM project - MOM in this case standing for Multipurpose Overland Mover. Bike designer Len Rubin's design is intended to be highly multifunctional thanks to a modular design, and capable of shifting big loads, both as a trailer and a handcart. Len's looking for investment pledges to put the prototype into production. Pledges must be made by 21st June!

Meandering through the mines
If you're in the West Country this summer, and fancy a ride, why not check out the Cornish Mineral Tramways Heritage trails. Cornwall is famed for its rich mineral deposits and the old workings that used to extract them and now there are a number of walking and cycling trails exploring the area. The trails cover a range of scenery, some taking advantage of the relatively flat routes of disused tramways, some following more testing terrain for off-road enthusiasts.

You can download a PDF showing the trails from

All tooled up
It's always annoying to have a problem on your bike and find you've forgotten just the tool you need to fix it. If you happen to be in Cambridge, Massachussetts, however, help is at hand via public bike repair stations. Spotted on the Wired blog each station consists of a metal frame to which are attached, by long cables, a range of tools. A trackpump with gauge is built into the side, and the design even incorporates a rail from which you can hang your bike, as a workstand.

The tricycle returns...
Great news from our friends at Cyclemagic in Leicester. The vintage tricycle stolen from their premises back in September has been recovered.

Cyclemagic Co-Founder Roger Lovell said: “I was looking on Ebay for parts to restore another old tricycle and there it was. I nearly fell off my chair!

We contacted the Police who later advised us to inform the seller it was stolen. He’d bought it at auction but immediately offered to give it back and we collected it a few days later.”

The machine forms part of Cyclemagic’s Cycling History Roadshow and has been featured on television, as part of Tour de France celebrations and more recently across national media being ridden by model Kelly Brook.

Cyclemagic are currrently planning a Lands End to John O'Groats relay, so who knows, the tricycle may get a chance to join in!

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