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Posted by Peter Eland on Thursday 30 Jun 2011

Sue Archer writes:

HP Velotechnik open their doors
If you happen to be in the region of Kriftel, Germany on the 6th August, why not pop in to the HP Velotechnik Open Day (translated via Google Translate, hence the odd phrasing), where you can see the factory and meet the people behind the recumbent bikes and trikes. Also present will be Tom Judge, round-the-world recumbent cyclist, who will be talking about his trip. The day runs from 11am to 6pm and visitors are asked to register by email on mail AT or by telephone on +49 6192 97 99 20

New bike company Terns up
Tern Bicycles is a new venture led by Joshua Hon, formerly of Dahon. You can read about the relationship between the two companies, and Tern's ethos, including an impressive Bike to Work incentive, in this interview with Josh Hon on the 16incheswestofpeoria blog. Tern will also be handling the Biologic range of accessories. We'll have more on Tern shortly...

How bikes make better cities
Spotted on Cyclechat, a link to an interesting article from the Sustainable Cities Collective. Apart from the reduction in pollution and sheer traffic volume, it argues, bikes improve our experience of the city by allowing us to slow down and explore our surroundings more. Mind you, if we were all doing it, would anyone ever get to work?

Take to the tunnels
Of course cycling isn't just a great way to explore the city, it's the best way to appreciate the countryside too. Even more so in the Peak District now that a series of tunnels on an old railway path have been opened up. This BBC report shows some of the great views available only to walkers, horse riders and cyclists on the Monsal Trail. The tunnels had been closed since the railway shut down in 1968, necessitating detours around them on the trail between Bakewell and Buxton. Their reopening, complete with lighting, now provides a virtually flat route between the towns.

If you'd like to explore the trail, and are feeling less energetic, or would like to take a less keen cyclist along with you, the BBC also reported on an electric bike hire network in the area. The Electric Bicycle Network not only hires out bikes, but provides charging points at cafes and other businesses in the area. There are currently networks set up in the Peak District and the Lake District, with more planned.

Keep your eyes peeled for East Park's bikes
Sustainable Travel Officer for Hull, Allan Davidson, dropped by the Velo Vision stand at the York Cycle Show, and mentioned the East Park Cycling Scheme, which provides a safe environment and equipment for disabled children and young people to enjoy cycling. A number of cycles and other items were recently stolen from the project, so if any Velo Vision reader spots any of the items listed below, please get in touch with the scheme or the police - the theft was reported under log number DO 1831747-2011.

Giant Talon 3 small serial number GA077020
Giant Talon 3 xsmall serial number GL984260
Giant Talon medium serial number GC0M1924
Giant Talon W3 xsmall serial number G19M1619
APO FS 26 mens 17 serial number 0144527
Falcon Storm size 17 serial number FC1000116
Tandemania sport KHS serial number 82-U6107006
Tandemania sport KHS serial number 17-U610700
Tandemania sport KHS serial number 0081-U6107
2 x Children seats
8 x padlocks
5 x bike stands
4 x quick release for children's carriage

It takes two to tandem...
Tandems are a great way for people with all sorts of disabilities to enjoy cycling when they might no be able to ride alone. The Tandem Club recently posted an update from Charlotte's Tandems, publisising their loan scheme - tandems are lent to families to see whether it's a worthwhile investment, or just to enjoy a few rides. Four tandems were recently donated via the Tandem Club, and they've been able to buy one new, but are always glad of donations, cash or in kind. Their website features a 1950s Grubb tandem in need of rebuilding - get in touch with them if you can help, or if you would like to borrow a tandem.

Opening a can of worms(gears)
Most people who run hubgears on bikes probably don't think about how they work, and many others subscribe to the theory that you mustn't tinker with them or the magic will fall out. However, for the braver, more inquisitive among us, Alan on the EcoVelo blog details how he gave his noisy Alfine 8 an oil bath.

Life in a Bike Shop
Here's an odd little film. Life in a Bike Shop. It's made via Xtranormal, a site that allows people to pick computer generated characters and voices, and then simply type a script for them to enact. Once you get over the odd intonation, it's rather funny, and I suspect that every one of the customer's misapprehensions and opinions is based on truth. The link was spotted on bike trade forum Bike Trade Buzz:

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