Issue 45 is at the printers now!

The digital issue will be up any moment, too. Read on for a cover and contents preview...

Posted by Peter Eland on Thursday 11 Jul 2013

Thanks to all for your patience in awaiting this issue! It's at the printers now, and I'll be mailing it out to all subscribers ASAP next week.

For various reasons we've had to hold the Catrike 700 and ICE Sprint (with Sunstar assist) reviews which were mentioned in the 'coming up in VV45' story until next issue. But there should still be plenty in there to be getting on with! Here's the cover and contents:

Velo Vision Issue 45 cover

4 News
Cycling greats Richard Ballantine, Peter Ross and Alex Moulton remembered, a new UK recumbent trike maker, a marvellous Montreal mural and more…

8 SPEZI 2013
A bumper round-up of the latest developments on show at Germany’s Special Bike Show.

20 Review: Noomad
Turning a bike into a tilting trike, this kit from Spain aims to add safety and utility. But how well does it work?

23 Review: Tern P24H
The ‘versatile one’ in the Tern range has wide-range gearing and plenty of luggage options. Does that make it touring-capable?

26 Review: Freeparable T2 trailer
This super-lightweight one-wheel trailer promises effective carrying on-road and off: does it deliver?

28 Review: Carbontrike
Riding the carbon monocoque recumbent trike from Sweden: is it as light as it looks?

30 Review: Biba Cargo
Affordable cargo carrying – tested!

34 Short reviews

  • 34 Loopwheels: 20" wheels with built in suspension!
  • 35 Books: So you want to build an HPV and Cycling for Dummies.
  • 35 Folding lock: the Abus Bordo Granit X-Plus
  • 36 Bottle bonanza! The Monkii bottle cage system, Polisport recycled bottles and the MotionFox flashing bottle.

38 3D printing: the future of cycling?
Pekka Ketola take a look at a technology which is already starting to transform cycle design and manufacture.

40 Bespoked Bristol
A reader reports from the UK’s show for hand-made bicycles.

42 Readers’ bikes
  • 42 The Titchmarsh Scorpion: the builder explains this prize-winning cargo bike.
  • 44 Metabikes Metaphysic: a reader reviews this fast recumbent.
  • 46 A Sinner in Canada: why one rider imported a trike to cope with all weathers.
  • 49 The suitcase trike: a modified Flevotrike transforms for train travel.

50 Letters
A bumper crop of your letters, including Brompton tweaks, Swift experiences, observations from a world cruise, riding with royalty and much more.

56 Subscribe to Velo Vision
How to subscribe, back issues and details of our distributors worldwide.

57 Advertisements
The first place to look for specialist products and services! Please support these advertisers, who support this magazine.

Posted by peter on Tuesday 16 Jul 2013
Expecting delivery of paper magazines on Thursday...

Posted by peter on Monday 22 Jul 2013
And all subscriber copies now in the post!

Posted by peter on Friday 26 Jul 2013
I've just been in touch with UK Mail (who process the mailout) as it seems many subscribers still don't have their copies. Apparently after pickup on Monday these were all handed to Royal Mail on schedule and should have been delivered yesterday or today at the latest.

There's no apparent reason for any delay that UK Mail can trace... so remaining copies should arrive over the next few days. If anyone doesn't have theirs after Monday's post please do let me know...


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