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The next issue goes off to print on Thursday - read on for a preview of what's inside! We have cargobikes galore, all abilities triking, recumbent and tandem reviews, and an eclectic set of readers' bikes...

Posted by Peter Eland on Tuesday 26 Nov 2013

There's a risk that I've overdone the autumnal colours this issue, but the reds and gold backgrounds are hard to resist:

Catrike 700 picture copyright Peter Eland/Velo Vision Ltd

The Catrike 700, reviewed in VV46

Anyway, here's a brief look at what's coming up this issue!

Extreme cargo cycling in Sweden - Velove and MoveByBike Gothenburg explain how they've been driven to develop their own machines to shift loads by pedal power.
Freetrike - recumbent triking on Devon's traffic free paths bringing cycling to stroke recoverers and more.
Pedersens at 120 - recreating a classic ride and gathering to commemorate the patent anniversary.
The rum ride - low carbon transport for a delicious cargo!

Velove quad picture copyright Johan Erlandson
Cargo cycling with a four-wheeled tractor and semi-trailer in Sweden


Catrike 700 - the long low and lean recumbent trike from the USA.
Birdy Touring Disk - the full suspension folder gets a braking upgrade.
Hase Pino Porter - extremely clever cargo capacity on this upright/recumbent tandem.
Circe Cycles Morpheus Omnium+ - This newcomer in the versatile tandem arena converts to carry cargo.
Adomeit Veleon - a reader from Germany offers a short review of this lean-steering trike.
Macwet gloves - grippy, but good for cycling?

Pino and Morpheus picture copyright Peter Eland/Velo Vision Ltd
The Morpheus (left) and Pino Porter: two versatile tandem transporters

Altena Janus crosses Canada - Coast to coast, back to back.
Troytec to Texas - Riding a cutting edge recumbent on a supported tour of a lifetime.
Thys Rowingbike - seeking all round fitness a reader explores the practicality of rowing on the road.
ICE off road - Pushing the boundaries of an adapted trike
The Tri-Ped - the unique Pedersen tricycle

News - a new world record, masses of industry news including several new trikes (and a quad) coming to market and more!
Letters - the usual eclectic mix from our wonderful readers, including a Manx Loopwheel predecessor and a recumbent with compressed-air power assist!
Books - We review Cycling Science by Max Glaskin and Cycle Tourist, an e-book by Gary Corbett.

Birdy picture copyright Peter Eland/Velo Vision Ltd
The Birdy Touring Disc - an upgrade for this high end folding bike? We review it in VV46 to find out.

And more...

Posted by hercule on Thursday 28 Nov 2013
I'm looking forward to this but fear it will cause a desire for n+3… I've always liked the idea of the CT700 since they put big wheels on it, I've always admired Pedersens, and I've always fancied a Birdy… I might be financially ruined if I read this issue!


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