Seamus King in hospital

Seamus, cycling event regular, raconteur, Byke Kultuur Never editor and frequent contributor to Velo Vision and this website, was taken badly ill just before the York Rally and is now in hospital in a bad way... leave best wishes here.

Posted by Peter Eland on Tuesday 28 Jun 2005


Seamus was taken seriously ill just at the end of last week. To respect his privacy, please post no gory details here even if you know more. He has apparently made 'promising progress' in the last few days.

As far as we know there's no connection to the tiger attack.

I've moved this story (and comments) from the end of the York Rally report to make it easier to link to and so that there's somewhere for people to add their best wishes. His friends will be printing these out and taking them in to the hospital every so often.

Get well soon Seamus.

Posted by Roger the Hilldodger (@cyclemagic) on Wednesday 2 Aug 2006
No cycling event is the same without Shameless.

Get well soon, mate.

Posted by Jan-Inge ( on Wednesday 2 Aug 2006
Get well very soon Seamus!
Best wishes from Sweden

Posted by David Gardiner (laid-back@blueyonder) on Wednesday 2 Aug 2006
Seamus... all recliners in the north send their best wishes for a full recovery...

Posted by Tom ( on Wednesday 2 Aug 2006
And all the best from the York posse.

Posted by Roger the Hilldodger (@cyclemagic) on Wednesday 2 Aug 2006
Have just heard that Seamus is making progress but is still very poorly.

Will keep everyone informed how he's getting on.

Posted by Bryan Ball ( on Wednesday 2 Aug 2006
Hang in there Seamus! You still haven't written anything for 'BentRider yet! If you can defeat a tiger with nothing but your bare hands a Moulton you can surely take this.

Posted by Mark Marsh ( on Wednesday 2 Aug 2006
Well done Seamus, Steve will be most upset that you rate the front page and he only got the discussion forum. Hope you're both well enough for you to take the p**s out of him soon.

Posted by Clydesdale ( on Wednesday 2 Aug 2006
Come now, Seamus - enough of this lay-about lifestyle, just lying about, and on the National Health's nickel, too (well, if you had nickels, which is to say, if you also had buffalos, for a nickel without a buffalo just isn't a buffalo nickel, nor a bottle of bitter, neither)!

We in the colonies hear that England Expects Every Man To Do His Best, so, with that said, and knowing your record of, ahem, achievement . . . you'd best take it a bit slower, until you can. Achieve, that is As you no doubt will.

Fast mending, mate, and don't use too much Gorilla Glue. It's worse than not enough.

Posted by Legs Larry ( on Wednesday 2 Aug 2006
Ack! Pfft! Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Seamus.

Posted by Roger the hilldodger (@cyclemagic) on Wednesday 2 Aug 2006
Have just heard that he's in good spirits and has made some improvement.

His mate Ian has shown him the comments on here, so keep posting.

As someone who shall remain nameless said to me at York "Seamus has lost his voice? Every cloud has a silver lining" :-)

Posted by K Straw ( on Wednesday 2 Aug 2006
Get well soon.
Kevin Straw from SCITECH

Posted by Val Horler ( on Wednesday 2 Aug 2006
Hi Seamus, heard about you not being well via Scitech group, were told not to post get well wishes on that site, but to send them to you direct, however lost the address so have gone down this road. I do hope you are feeling a lot better, it is obvious you have a lot of good friends and well wishers.
We miss your barmy humour, so hurry up and get 'up and at em'.
Loadsa luv xmasbaby, xx ( Val Horler, Broadoak Community School, Weston super Mare)

Posted by Seamus Smith ( on Wednesday 2 Aug 2006
Heard about your illness. My thoughts, prayers and best wishes go out to you. Hopefully it will not be too long before your fit and well, ready to bring your humour back to Scitech. Hope to hear from you soon.

Seamus (The one from Northern Ireland)

Posted by Paula Callam ( on Wednesday 2 Aug 2006
Hi Seamus, another science tech here, all the best, we miss your advice and humour. Get well soon.
Paula Callam, Norfolk.

Posted by Valery Cobb ( on Wednesday 2 Aug 2006
Hiya Seamus
From she who must be obeyed...get well soon.
Miss your humour and school must be getting their own way in your absence - can't have that!
best wishes - Valery

Posted by Gary Cummins ( on Wednesday 2 Aug 2006
Seamus, you are in my thoughts, Aileen sends her regards too, and we really want to see you at Bike Right, take care, get better and get back on the bike.

Posted by Crispin ( on Wednesday 2 Aug 2006
Get well soon!


Posted by Jack Dekker ( on Wednesday 2 Aug 2006
Dear Seamus,

Sorry to hear that you fell ill, i hope you will write something again soon. I have given the dutch trip on your site some thought and would like to mention one big secret in Holland. We are of course very anxious to receive visitors, but in fact the good life takes place in Belgium. They have many terrific beers, enjoy life in a more laid back style and on top of that there are many beautiful girls to cheer up the country. On top of that their language is much smoother.

Well, when you are on the road again I can suggest to participate in the Eco trip of 2006 which takes place in Belgium. I stole your remark on the dutch language by the way, in that remark you stated that our language has the aspects of a secret code. It is a very successful story to tell, and people tend to think that I am witty too.

On the other hand I forgive you the fact that you did hassle up the name of the statue of Jan Pietersz Coen who stands in front of VOC (eastindies) company in Hoorn. The story of the company is noted in but the role of Jan Pietersz Coen was not always very beautiful.

Some other notes on the history of VOC, which places it a perspective of the local community

Jack Dekker, editor of and chairman of Chairman of the Cycle Vision organisation committee

Posted by Arch (@KM) on Wednesday 2 Aug 2006
Seamus, sorry it's taken me a while to comment, I've been digging up the Wolds. Get well soon mate. It just isn't the same without you. Your alter ego, the tiger, also sends his best wishes. He had fun on the Velovisioneries ride on your behalf, and was last seen eyeing up Wobbly John's scampi in a hungry way...

All the best, we're all thinking of you..

Posted by Stephanie Nicholls ( on Wednesday 2 Aug 2006
Wishing you a speedy recovery, another scitech bod who appreciates your contributions,help, advice and humour. "Get well soon"

Posted by ken davison ( on Wednesday 2 Aug 2006
hi seamus,
the rides are in place[sort & long]and the entertainment programme is well on the way to being sorted,for cyclefeast. 2005
hope you can still make it up north for the event of the year,
the bike right and longridge towers gang,all send best wishes for a speedy recovery. yours the pirate

Posted by clive ( on Wednesday 2 Aug 2006
Get well soon from Clive, Catherine, Ruth and Martin.

Posted by ammo (ammo@annemarie.pluscom) on Wednesday 2 Aug 2006
Been to the hosptial, and seamus has enjoyed reading your comments, so please keep them rolling in!!!
Younger and less witty sister

Posted by Mike ( on Wednesday 2 Aug 2006
Get well soon Seamus from Mike and Eleanor. I'm looking forward to the next Byke Kultuur

Posted by Su reed ( on Wednesday 2 Aug 2006
Hi Seamus, I am so sorry to hear you have been taken poorly. Hurry up and get well won't you, cos Scitech's not the same without you! Till then you're in my thoughts and prayers. Love Su

Posted by Terry Negus ( on Wednesday 2 Aug 2006
Hi Seamus you must come to Cyclefeast 2005 as it's not much fun walking up the hills on my own.

Get well soon.

Posted by lorraine (kathleen) ( on Wednesday 2 Aug 2006
Hope your better soon, your in my prayers. Lorraine (scitech member)

Posted by Trishulla del Amoure ( on Wednesday 2 Aug 2006
Seamus Update.
For those of you who know the Big Fella well, I'm his Monday Night date...AKA Eldest sister.
His Nibs is doing well. Unfortunately he's still unable to speak...though he's trying hard.
I was helping him with the exercises that his speech therapist had left the other day. We decided that he should try to write down what he wanted to anticepating a long note I thought I'd be helpful and "second guess" him. After several false starts he told me to "F**k O**" and gently stabbed me with his pencil. Nice to know that his personality has suffered no lasting damage!!

I do copy your good wishes and he really does appreciate them please feel free to email me directly if you'd like to pass on any longer messages at "" . He'd be delighted to hear from you all.

Posted by Jude in Shrops ( on Wednesday 2 Aug 2006
Hi Seamus - missing you along, with 625 other Scitech bods. The site is getting too serious without you! Love Jude x x

Posted by Meriel Worth (m.worth@worthing on Wednesday 2 Aug 2006
Come on Seamus- get well soon! Sci-tech is too quiet without you!
Take goog care and do as you are told......!

Posted by Olwen (ohale@padgatehigh.warrington.s) on Wednesday 2 Aug 2006
Get well soon, stay possitive.
Olly (Scitech)

Posted by Loys ( on Wednesday 2 Aug 2006
Sorry to hear of your illness but wishing you all the very best for a speedy recovery. Hope you can enjoy the summer break. Keep strong.

Posted by Bee ( on Wednesday 2 Aug 2006
Get well soon, life as a technician is too boring without your views on teachers,student teachers,pupils and preproom antics. Oh, and the science bits are useful as well. make a quick recovery, we all miss you. lol, Bee.

Posted by Terry Cox ( on Wednesday 2 Aug 2006
another techie ,good luck , we need you back .T.C.

Posted by Terry Cox ( on Wednesday 2 Aug 2006
another techie ,good luck , we need you back .T.C.

Posted by Joyce Spence ( on Wednesday 2 Aug 2006
Missing you on the scitech site. Joyce

Posted by Hilary ( on Wednesday 2 Aug 2006
Echoing the comments of all your Sci-tech colleagues - get well soon.

Posted by Robin (copeland.greenford.ealing@lgfl) on Wednesday 2 Aug 2006
Like so many others- mega sad to hear you're poorly, but glad to hear you're making progress- hopefully see you back to full strength & keeping the rest of us techies in line [right behind you.... ] speedy recovery sunbeam.

Posted by Tracey Scitech (tracey.brodie@gracemount.edin.) on Wednesday 2 Aug 2006
Wishing you a speedy recovery Seamus. Tracey (scitech)

Posted by Elaine McLaughlin ( on Wednesday 2 Aug 2006
Get better soon Seamus the discussion group just isn't the same without you. Best wishes from Northern Ireland

Posted by Sharon (Sharon.Rushin@roundhill.leics.) on Wednesday 2 Aug 2006
Hope you're soon able to be up and at 'em, just think of the choaos "they" are wreaking while you're not there! Remedial counting classes will def. be on the agenda when you get back. Enjoy the summer, enjoy the Tour de France if you're watching and above all get well soon, it is too quiet without you on SciTech!

Posted by maz ( on Wednesday 2 Aug 2006
More best wishes winging your way from Hull. We'll keep your place warm.

Posted by Kath Kynaston ( on Wednesday 2 Aug 2006
Get well soon, glad to hear you're making progress.

Posted by Jean Thomas ( on Wednesday 2 Aug 2006
From the techies of South Wales, Get Well Soon
Seamus, missing your comments on Scitech. Keep squeezing the ball!

Posted by Steven Thomas ( on Wednesday 2 Aug 2006
From Great Bend, KS and formerly from Gourock, Scotland. Hope you are better soon! Your page is a great mix of information and humor.

Posted by Karen B. ( on Wednesday 2 Aug 2006
Best Wishes Seamus for a speedy (well, speedier than glacial drift) recovery from the other side of the pond!

Posted by Tom Barclay (tom.barclay1 at on Wednesday 2 Aug 2006
Seamus, I hear the speech therapist is giving you 'exercises.' Recommend you blow them off (this is justifiable, fricatives and labials are good) and practice on the Latin and vulgar (?) names of all the Naughty Bits - especially 'cloaca.'

Posted by Sam Fleming ( on Wednesday 2 Aug 2006
Get well soon, Seamus. Auntie Sam is thinking of you with some very naughty thoughts.

Posted by davidq (david at eternia or something) on Wednesday 2 Aug 2006
I haven't seen anything posted here for a while. Even though I don't "know" him, I hope Seamus is doing well. I enjoy BKN. Regards D

Posted by Lynden ( on Wednesday 2 Aug 2006
Hi Seamus,
Just to let you know that you are still in our thoughts. I think about you while I am here at this empty school needless to say I am one of your Scitech collegues. Hope your recovery is going well and I look forward to seeing your witty comments soon.
Best wishes Lynden at "work" Birmingham

Posted by ken davison ( on Wednesday 2 Aug 2006
he is on the mend paid seamus a visit on friday the 26th of august and apart from wieght loss
is looks fine,any one wishing up date please contact me ken davison

Posted by David ( on Wednesday 2 Aug 2006
Glad to here you're a bit better Seamus.... was a while since we had heard anything.

Posted by Rachel ( on Wednesday 2 Aug 2006
Hey Seamus, how're you doing? It's been very quiet out in scitech-land, preparing for the onslaught next week. Was thinking of you thru the summer, hoping you're getting better all the time.
Hang in there. Rachel xx

Posted by seamus on Sunday 15 Jan 2012

I suppoded to be dead


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