Changes at Velo Vision

I am delighted to be introducing myself to you in my new capacity as writer and editor of Velo Vision. With the greatest of thanks to Peter and all of his able colleagues, I am now in the position to take Velo Vision magazine onwards from issue 49.  With his continued help and yours too, dear readers, we will see much more high quality Velo Vision in the future. It is my intention to retain everything that makes Velo Vision special – considered and balanced writing, excellent photography, careful analysis of cycles and equipment and adventurous readers’ stories.

Since the start of Velo Vision, reader participation and contributions have always played an important role, by enriching the magazine and adding the all-important human interest. Topics ranging from cycling adventures, cultural experiences and artwork to innovation, build projects and technical analysis all make up the Velo Vision mix. If you would like to share your cycling adventures with other Velo Vision readers, do get in touch.

I wrote about the reasons for providing a new website here. Peter Eland, Simon Ward and many other contributors, together, built up a considerable volume of content and I am happy to say that the old site virtually in its entirety, is still available via the Archived Velo Vision website link. Some parts of the site will not work, e.g. the forum login and the shop, but all the story and forum content is ‘sealed in aspic’. For an even further look backwards into not so distant past is to try the Wayback Machine – well worth a look to see how far we’ve come!

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