Aldi’s Cycling Range: The highlights

Possibly the worst kept secret in Aldi’s Special Buy range is their cycling equipment. Quite often the bargains are snapped up in the first weekend and stragglers are left disappointed. Ahead of the weekend shopping we thought it would be rude not to highlight the best of the range!

  1. Maxtek Vision Rear Bike Light 

At £39.99 this comes with an 8GB micro SD card included, which in itself is going to normally be £5-£10. Though it’s a bit on the heavy side compared to some lights it’s a bargain. The manual is refreshingly simple (though only available in English) and the user experience very intuitive in our opinion.

2. Crane Winter Cycling Gloves

We’ve always struggled to find gloves that actually fit. It seems you always compromise the fit for function. These Crane gloves fit far better than any we have found so far.  At a low price of £4.99 it’s hard to really justify any complaints. Perhaps a £9.99 alternative would have been good with more reflective elements and/or a smart phone finger tip grip. If you want to simply keep your hands warm while cycling a short to medium distance you could do a lot worse.

3. Bikemate Rechargeable High Power Bike Light Set

This, in our opinion, represents real value for money. £14.99 gets you a rechargeable front and rear light. The beam on the front light has four flashing and four steady settings so you can range from “being seen” to “being able to see very well”. It does only come with one charging cable which is a bit frustrating but across a typical working day you should be able to recharge both easily enough. This is impressive. Comparative products would typically set you back £19.99-£29.99.

4. Crane Ergonomic Cycling Socks

Our token high vis effort! We jest of course, this is a standard sock in most ways, but it does have some unique functionality. It has the normal designs you’d come to expect from Aldi’s cycling sock range but where it’s a bit different is the fact it comes with in built reflective tabs. At £2.99 a pair it seems a very competitive offer. The real challenge is getting there quick enough to get the right size!

For full information on the products including information on warranty please refer to Aldi’s website, links are in the headers.

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One thought on “Aldi’s Cycling Range: The highlights”

  1. The front light plugs directly into a USB port, like the Lezyne Micro Drive which it looks very like, so the cable is only needed for the rear light.
    (A USB extension lead may be useful in some setups though, if positioning the light is awkward.)

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