Bespoked 2016 photo report

The spectrum of ultra high quality hand made bikes this year was augmented by a modest offering of alternative machinery.  As ever, the number of exhibitors presenting road bikes, in carbon, wood, titanium and steel was generally high, presenting host of exquisite road, touring, randonneur and adventure bikes. Thankfully, everyday practical cycles were in presence too, and an unexpected transmission innovation which we hope to feature fully in a future issue!

There’s still time to come along to the last day of the show!

Julian Sayarer and Emily Chappell, London couriers who have recently published books about their lives on the road.
Cargo bike front end.
Rodford Built “Flyer”. Low bottom bracket, easy stepover, everyday practical bike.
Robin Mather’s measurement bike.
Dear Susan’s Pinion bike.
Elisabeth Colebrook’s award wining Beaumont Bicycle town bike.



Not here.
Only in Bristol.
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6 thoughts on “Bespoked 2016 photo report”

    1. We don’t know, sorry! I spotted it outside the show. I placed a calling card, but I’ve heard nothing yet.

      1. The chap who built the hub steer long john comes and drinks tea at Really Useful Bikes and we compare ideas.., a local chap who builds things for fun, a bit of a genius..

    2. There is a bike builder in Spain called Cometa that have been working on a long john that looks like that at the front

      1. Well, thanks. It appears the two are similar. See I would guess the one at Bespoked was hand-built as on my photo I can see some accidental damage on the frame from a grinder, before painting. The Cometa itself looks to be a bit rough at the edges too. See here.

        1. hub steering has been around for a while, check out the XYZ has advantages but also some inherent quirks. Always good to compare notes, part of the fun.

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