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Knog Oi Bell: Review

How do you review a bell? To answer the simple question of whether this bell goes “ding” – yes it does.

But the Knog Oi Bell is so much more than a simple cycling bell. It is sleek. It is discrete. It is charming.

As real estate on our handlebars becomes increasingly valuable these days: what with smart phone cradles, cycling computers and so on; something so small but effective is a welcome addition to the colossal range of bells available.

This is a perfect fit for anyone with awkward handlebars, particularly velomobiles and recumbents. The ergonomics work brilliantly for quick access and with minimal disruption to your control of the bike/trike.

It may be small in stature, but the Knog Oi Bell stands out in the crowd as one of the best on the market. Generally available at only £14.99 / €19.99 it’s a great deal.

Video to follow.

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London-Edinburgh-London 2017, Northbound, Images

On July 30 VeloVision was able to attend the London-Edinburgh-London 2017 event as it passed through St Ives, Cambridgeshire. We have uploaded some video content with more to come soon, but also got a few images to share with you. What made the situation even more interesting than it would normally have been was that the Norris Museum in town was reopening and held a parade that coincided with riders arriving. Chaos ensued!

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YouTube Channel is up!

Over the next few days we will be releasing more and more content to the YouTube channel. You may be aware that there is a pre-existing one however some admin issues on YouTube’s side have made it impossible to get full control of it so we are starting afresh.

Kicking things off we have reviewed two commuting bikes. We will shortly be releasing an interview with a designer of a very “arty” Specialized bike, not our normal area of interest but it was such an unusual bike we thought it warranted coverage! We also have brief interviews from London Red Hook Criterion to bring you and will be attending the Brompton World Championship event this weekend, and the London-Edinburgh ride.

The direction we want to take our YouTube channel is to publish reviews of cargo bikes, trikes, recumbents, folding bikes and many more. We also have interviews lined up with some innovative designers and want to discuss matters such as infrastructure and safety amongst others.

Please see below our first two reviews!


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The long dark tea time…

It’s nearly the winter solstice up here in the northern hemisphere, the time when the daylight part of the day starts getting a bit longer again. You might therefore think  a post like this is almost too late. Well not true – cyclists are still getting ‘caught out’ by the dark and some motorists are still running on a single headlight after one broke last summer…

While riding at dusk this evening, I caught up a friend of mine. She had no lights and no reflectors, except the legally required red one on the bike.. not sure I remember seeing a pedal reflector [stick with me here!]. My 8 Freight bike was well-lit and I was about 100 m behind, when a car overtook me (properly), cut back in, then on seeing her much too late had to brake hard to avoid driving into the back of her. I think my presence actually distracted the driver from seeing her, but my basic point is obvious – when it’s dark, have some lights. Please.

Tern Vizy – maps out the cyclist’s territory in a ’ring of fire’!
Tern Vizy

Personally, I prefer to dress for off the bike, so I don’t use hi-vis clothing. Reflective materials are surprisingly effective, when the surface area is high, but small bits like reflective piping on bags are just too small to make a difference. How pleased I am therefore, to see this really stylish reflective jacket for cycling.

Urban Circus

The video is a bit ‘urban warrior style’, featuring some nervous and edgy characters, nevertheless this looks like a great way to simultaneously blend a jacket with the rest of your apparel and stand out to motor traffic. I’m just not sure about the necessity for turn indicators mentioned, or if I’d trust them to be seen and recognised.

Kickstarter page.




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Don’t forget the stamp!

This most beautifully stamped subscription renewal, includes some  now rare British stamps. The half-penny coin was discontinued in the UK around 1983 (I remember spending mine before they ceased to be legal tender!).


_DSC2635 copy
5p + ½p + 11½p + 1p+11½p + 14p + 11½p = 55p. The current price of a 2nd class letter stamp.
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