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Working around the 200 seconds edit/delete post limit (No replies)

6 years ago
Howard 6 years ago

Because the title or content of a forum post cannot be changed by anyone except admin after the 200 second [cooling off period!], I suggest the following workarounds for use in the classifieds and advertiser areas:

After a thread is complete, due to the item having been sold, I could manually change the title if required to say "sold" after the author has added the final message to say 'sold' or whatever.
I could also close the topic.

If I don't spot that a thread had got a 'sold' comment at the end, please nudge me!
Cheers, Howard (pɹɐʍoɥ@uoᴉsᴉʌolǝʌ˙ɯoɔ)

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