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20 Years Ago (4 replies)

John Turvey
6 years ago
John Turvey 6 years ago

(Actually, 20 years and 2 weeks, but I was camping in Holland until yesterday)

It is 20 years ago since I saw the light and started riding properly designed bikes - my first was a Peer Gynt and I have accumulated 9 by now. After 110,000 miles of riding them, I still enjoy the comfort as the real benefit to me - I no longer have the urge to go fast, though I can on my faster machines when I still want to.

I sold my upright bikes (I had 2 when I got the Peer Gynt) as I never used them, but I do have 2 upright Bromptons - I got the first one to use with the Neuss Recumbent Conversion kit, but while waiting for the kit, used it for work and found it really useful, so bought a second Brompton to use with the kit when it arrived, then seven years ago bought another Brompton (my third, but the second of my upright Bromptons) as my original Brompton needed a major overhaul (which I did over a long period) and I found that after I retired I used my Brompton more than I did when I worked.

John Turvey

6 years ago
firedfromthecircus 6 years ago

Very good John.
Would love to see photos of your recumbent collection.
Can you post pics on this forum?

6 years ago
Howard 6 years ago

Nice to remember significant dates 🙂

Maybe I saw the way in 1997 when I was shown a homebuilt trike. Had to wait until 2001 before I took the proper step into recumbents.

John, have you still got the recumbent Brompton?

John Turvey
6 years ago
John Turvey 6 years ago

I still have all 9 recumbents - I do not use the recumbent Brompton much now - when I worked I would use it for train/cycle trips (eg Bike Right) but now I just leave home earlier and cycle all the way on one of my other machines.

it is a fairly delicate machine - I was constantly breaking spokes in the back wheel (most of the weight is carried by the back wheel, especially if (as I usually did) carrying luggage) - until I stopped cycling over cattle grids - and not much good for hill climbing - the Brompton has the SA 5-speed gearbox, but that still leaves the lowest gear as 35 inches, and if you really push on the pedals the belt will slip, so a lot of walking on hills - but I found it really good for what I used it for.

5 years ago
Stuart 5 years ago

My lightbulb moment came in 1998 with the purchase of my first recumbent, a Pashley PDQ. Had a couple of years touring with the PDQ then went on to an ICE Explorer trike followed by an HPV Spirit 2 wheeler, then a Scorpion FX trike. At present I have a Bacchetta Bella long wheelbase bike (for sale on this website), an ICE Adventure HD trike and a Rans crank forward semi-recumbent bike. Not sure what's coming next!

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