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Buffer Stop !!! (1 reply)

4 years ago
Paul 4 years ago

Sad news indeed to hear VeloVision is in suspension. Are back issues still available for purchase? Would a surge in interest open the door to further issues?

4 years ago
Howard 4 years ago

Hi Paul,
Thank you for the idea. No, not really – print circulation isn't where the new money is, unfortunately. Print was however a predictable income stream, albeit a reducing one. I think it needs a radical change in order to continue, and there’s a big risk involved in making that switch. There’s mileage in going 100% digital—cost of print and post is cut, obviously—but how? I think the format would need to change, to reduce the time taken to go from writing to publishing. The design workload isn’t that heavy, but a move to PDF (for example) is a bit half-hog, it probably needs to go as far as all-singing and dancing content all online, possibly to subscribers only and include video and so on. To most this will look much like a webpage, or blog, but content could be and should be much widely accessible, so it has to look good and be involving on a range of screens and devices. To put out each ‘issue’ (if indeed there's any sense on working to issues) of something recognisably magazine-like requires a package that streamlines the ‘workflow’. They themselves are costly to run and take some learning. The harder way is to get to grips with code and CSS within an HTML environment like I tried on a very basic level for the VV website. Again, it takes a little money and a fair bunch of skills – more of both than I have. Consider things like live video hangouts, properly functioning social media; twitter, snap chat and who knows what’s next, it all must be included to keep the buzz and participation high. Adverts would probably also need to part of the revenue stream, as before but the ‘traffic’ on-screen would hopefully justify the advertisers putting up the money. Advertising budgets are finite and shifting slowly from print to digital and it has always been difficult to show that print adverts lead to an increase in sales. The workload and initial outlay to create the virtual infrastructure isn't too massive. If someone was to start again from scratch, with the basic skills to write, speak, and video/stills, plus some investment, then they may be on to a viable business model. I hope that gives some perspective on the challenge at hand.

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