Here’s your new site

Welcome, one and all! Please have a browse around, search out any bugs, register for the new forum and get posting 🙂

I’m sorry that its taken a little later than I promised, but finally we’re running on the correct domain. I’ve learnt a lot along the way, and if I were to do it all again at least I now know how to do it quicker.


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2 thoughts on “Here’s your new site”

  1. Hello,
    The Why Cycle site praised your Buyers Guide for people with disabilities or special needs (download)
    but I cannot find it.

  2. Hi Cal,

    You will find that content in the Archive
    -> Amazing Bikes -> All abilities cycling

    Smiley face

    However, the download links did not work. I have added those files to the archive. Sorry about that, I will look into similar problems more closely.

    Thanks for raising this issue, Howard.

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