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Please excuse the cheesey headline, but we have high hopes for Swytch. This is a brand that say they can help you retrofit any bike to be an e-bike. Correct – any bike. This includes recumbents or trikes. We’ve been assured that as long as it has handlebars it should be possible to adapt!

To prove the point Swytch will be producing some pre-built bikes. We’ve picked out three highlights including a penny farthing (known as the Penny Faster), the Bambom – a bamboo & carbon frame which Swytch believe is one of the lowest carbon footprint e-bikes available and finally the “Wheelie-chair” – an electric assist wheel chair. If these example are anything to go by it’s hard to argue with the assertion that any bike can be retrofitted.

The battery unit weights only 2.2kg and is waterproof. The motor is a front wheel hub and weighs in at 1.5kg. So for just shy of 4kg you can add a full e-assist to your bike. Using the LED display you can toggle between the five levels of support. The range available is between 25-50 miles depending on which package you opt for.

To get the latest information ahead of the CrowdFunding campaign, or more information please visit Swytch.

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