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Brompton Cycles MD interviewed by VeloVision

One of the most exciting events taking place at Ride London today was the launch of the Brompton Electric. The first of it’s kind from Bromtpon this is an electric assist folding bike. It weighs in at about 16kg with the battery included and is very simple to operate. We will have a full review to follow but wanted to share this exclusive interview with you now!

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YouTube Channel is up!

Over the next few days we will be releasing more and more content to the YouTube channel. You may be aware that there is a pre-existing one however some admin issues on YouTube’s side have made it impossible to get full control of it so we are starting afresh.

Kicking things off we have reviewed two commuting bikes. We will shortly be releasing an interview with a designer of a very “arty” Specialized bike, not our normal area of interest but it was such an unusual bike we thought it warranted coverage! We also have brief interviews from London Red Hook Criterion to bring you and will be attending the Brompton World Championship event this weekend, and the London-Edinburgh ride.

The direction we want to take our YouTube channel is to publish reviews of cargo bikes, trikes, recumbents, folding bikes and many more. We also have interviews lined up with some innovative designers and want to discuss matters such as infrastructure and safety amongst others.

Please see below our first two reviews!


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